Don’t Forget The Accessories

(Note: This is a long and photo heavy post.)

February 26, 2015

What made the cut.

Accessories kept after the purge.

Finding myself in purging mode after updating my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe (Part One Here, Part Two Here, Part Three Here), it’s time to take a look at my accessories.  For my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe, it’s the necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are my focus.  I don’t sport many jewelry accessories for my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe (I’m a scarf and turtleneck gal) so these pieces come out to play during the spring and summer seasons.  Now that my colors and color capsules have been identified (in Part Two) I can easily organize and purge my accessories.

Part One-Review and Edit

Accessories before the purge.

Accessories before the purge.

I started with 34 items, and here’s the breakdown:

  • Necklaces-11
  • Bracelets-10
  • Earrings-13

Similar to Part One of my Spring/Summer Capsule wardrobe update, I began with reviewing and editing.

I asked myself 3 questions:

  1. Condition and Comfort-Is it damaged, tarnished, worn out, or uncomfortable to wear (scratchy, etc)?
  2. Wardrobe Colors-Does it fit within my color capsules?
  3. For duplicate items-Do I really like both or do I have a favorite?
Condition and Comfort

Did not meet condition and comfort

These six items were purged from question 1.

The colors in my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

The colors in my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

Then I moved onto the harder part.  I looked at the color capsules for my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe (navy, white , black, turquoise, olive, ivory/tan, light blue and denim).

The colors I sport with accessories.

The colors I sport with accessories.

The denim and light blue were removed, since I don’t base accessories on my denim bottoms, nor the turtleneck poncho. That left me with navy, white, black, turquoise, olive and ivory/light tan to pair with accessories.  Anything that did not fit into these color capsules were purged.

Do not pair with my colors.

Did not pair with my capsule colors.

These seven pieces were purged from question 2.

Finally, I paired up the pieces I had left with the items in my wardrobe.  And I asked myself the question, do I REALLY like both or do I have a favorite?

Ready to purge duplicates.

Ready to purge duplicates.

Seven pieces were purged from question 3.

Almost done.

Almost done.

I’m almost done at this point, I just need to review what I am keeping and purging and see if there’s anything that needs to be swapped.

The dressy black necklace was swapped for the pendant.

The dressy black necklace was swapped for the pendant.

Out of the to be purged pile I had one favorite pendent that I wanted to keep, it just needs a new chain, so I swapped it for a less loved piece.

The final pairings.

The final pairings.

After the purging I kept 14 items and here’s the breakdown:

  • Necklaces-3
  • Bracelets-6
  • Earrings-5

Crunching the numbers:

I started with 34 items.  I purged a total of 20 items within 3 steps, that’s a reduction of 58.8% of my accessories.

Part Two-Plan and Shop

Similar to Part Two of my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe update, I continued with planning and shopping.

This is when I ran into something unexpected. I kept 14 items, and out of these 14, I have an accessory for each color in my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe.  This means I don’t actually have to shop for ANYTHING.  Everything has already been matched up and there are no accessory holes.

Have you ever realized you did not need to shop?


  1. Jewelry takes up so little storage space I rarely get rid of it. If I’m definitely not going to wear it again I will often take it apart and remake into something new. Anything that doesn’t go with what I’m currently wearing just goes to the back of the drawer for a while, then comes out when I’m wanting something fresh and different. With a drawer of necklaces I can wear the same outfit every day and look different.

    1. I have no talents to remake jewelry, but a friend of mine does, lucky you to be able to rework your pieces. I agree that jewelry doesn’t take up much space. But I noticed last year that I would waste time getting ready because I was overwhelmed with my choices in the mornings. Hopefully my newly pared down jewelry will work better for me.

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