Updating A Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe-Part Three

February 22, 2015

I’m at month 4 of The 80/20 Challenge and it’s time for my monthly check-in.

This will be a three part series:

  1. Part One I reviewed and purged my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe.
  2. Part Two I planned and shopped for my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe.
  3. Part Three I’ll check-in on my total wardrobe and highlight how the changes to my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe affected my total wardrobe for The 80/20 Challenge.

Now onto the fun!

Part Three: Four Month Check-In

  1. Well I started out strong, and reduced the size of my Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe by 19 items in Part One.
  2. Then I added an additional 10 clothing items (and 1 shoe) in Part Two.
  3. Also, since the last check-in (at Month 3), I added one souvenir (a cape).
  4. This leaves me with a total reduction of only 7 items purged from my entire wardrobe.

And here’s how the numbers look for my entire wardrobe:

  • Shoes: 18 pairs (added 1)
  • Business and Special Occasion Capsule: 14 items (no change)
  • Beach/Swim Capsule: 8 items (no change)
  • Lounge/Sleep Capsule: 12 items (no change)
  • Spring/Summer Wardrobe: 48 items (updated from this post, including a breakdown of items)
  • Fall/Winter Wardrobe: 71 items (added one souvenir; breakdown of items at the bottom of today’s post)

Crunching the numbers

My current wardrobe total is 171 items.

To use 80% of this wardrobe only 34 item should sit unworn.  However, this is across seasons.

Taking a closer look at the current season (which is fall/winter in my area), I have 71 fall/winter wardrobe items and 4 pairs of boots for a total of 75 items.  This means that only 15 items can sit unworn for the entire season.

However, to make this slightly more complicated, I have 22 items (Business and Special Occasion Capsule and Beach/Swim Capsule items) that sit unworn for most of the year.  Out of 171 items, these 22 items make up 12.8% already!  That leaves me with only 12 items that should sit unworn between both my fall/winter AND spring/summer wardrobes or 6 items each.

At Month 3 of The 80/20 Challenge, I had 178 items in my wardrobe.  Despite removing a whopping 19 items from my spring/summer capsule wardrobe, or, 10.6% of my wardrobe, I added 12 items since the last check-in.   With my new wardrobe total of 171 items it doesn’t look like my total wardrobe numbers have changed much, although my Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe feels nice and refreshed and ready to tackle the upcoming season.

So can I go shopping now?

At first, I felt like I started out strong, with a large edit of my wardrobe. And this large edit had me wanting to shop for a lot of new items, after all I’ve removed 19 things!  If this had been a few years ago, I would have gone out and done just that.  Because I would have felt like I had free reign to replace the large number of items I just got rid of.

But now after all of the additions, I haven’t shrunk my wardrobe much in size and if I moved blindly forward and replaced all 19 items, I’d be right back to where I started.  Since I do not want to do this, number crunching and fed my need to shop and the only new item I’m searching for is the shorts I mentioned wanting from Part Two.

Finally, here’s a recap of my wardrobe for my largest capsules.

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

71 items in my fall/winter capsule wardrobe:

  • 6 bottoms (jeans and trousers; no change)
  • 17 toppers (this includes: pullover sweaters, blazers and cardigans; no change)
  • 7 knits (used for layering; no change)
  • 8 gear items (5 toppers [fleece, fleece, fleece, vest, vest], 2 layering knits [turtlenecks] and 1 bottom [jean]; no change)
  • 7 shirts (for layering; no change)
  • 3 LS T’s (for layering; no change)
  • 4 tanks (for layering; no change)
  • 6 thermal layers (no change)
  • 4 scarves (added souvenir; one cape)
  • 6 workout items (3 tops and 3 bottoms; not shown in closet photo)
  • 3 Short Sleeve Tops/Knits (no change)

Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe

48 items in my spring/summer capsule wardrobe

  • 6 bottoms (jeans, trousers and shorts; added 1 jean)
  • 0 hoodies (demoted to gear)
  • 10 toppers (this includes: pullover sweaters, blazers and cardigans; added 1 pullover and 1 cardigan)
  • 5 knits (3/4 or LS, for layering; added 2)
  • 5 gear items (2 jeans, 2 hoodies, 1 t-shirt; added from above, no change to wardrobe total)
  • 4 shirts/blouses (added 1 blouse)
  • 8 SS T’s/Tops (added 3 t-shirts)
  • 3 tanks (added 1 tank [camisole])
  • 3 scarves (no change)
  • 2 workout gear (top and bottom; no change; not shown in the closet photo; no change)
  • 2 dresses (no change)

Does editing your wardrobe make you want to shop?


  1. Hello! I am really enjoying your blog! I started from the beginning and read through all your posts and you have really helped me. I am struggling to downsize my wardrobe because I don’t really know how much is enough. I finally have some numbers that feel more like “me” and doable. THANK YOU! To answer your question: yes, after a purge, I feel the need to shop. I guess I’ve exchanged the definition of purge with the definition of replace. I need to remember which items I purged and set aside what I want to replace and see if I need to actually shop. I found your site through recovering shopaholic and I’m SO glad I did! Keep up the good work!~Julie

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I am very happy to hear that my experience is helpful. My biggest issue with my wardrobe, was always figuring out how much to purge and how much to replace. Two things I am slowly getting better at doing.

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