Planting Purchasing Seeds

February 12, 2015

You don't need, you just want

You don’t need, you just want.

The advances in technology have really increased the amount of contact retailers can have with consumers.  Marketing messages to buy, buy, buy are everywhere.  And sometimes they are not straight forward.  I came across the above message perusing a magazine about travel and trends.

The message was, “we don’t need them, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves.”  I also found another one.

Buy now and wear later

Buy now & wear later.

Or this one, I often hear about “wear now, wear later,” but “BUY now & wear later,” that’s new.

Cool! Brand to Watch!

Cool! Brand to Watch!

And there’s the little bubble messages of “Cool!” or “Brand to Watch!”

All of these phrases plant purchasing seeds:

  1. It is OK to make a purchase even if you don’t need the item right now
  2. Go ahead and purchase that item you can’t sport anytime soon because eventually you will
  3. Stay in the “cool club” and “be in the know” by purchasing the latest and greatest items

I used to read articles like this one and start noting what I had to have.  But now, I’m more skeptical.

What purchasing seeds have you seen lately?

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