Store Versus Outdoor Seasons

January 25, 2015

In my area there is snow on the ground and at least another 2 months of cold weather.  I’d say our winter season is only about halfway done at this point.  However, during a recent trip to the mall I noticed that all of the winter weight clothing is already gone.  In it’s place is resort wear as well as the first wave of spring merchandise.

It’s tempting to start shopping for spring now while the stock is new.  But it will be months before I would have the opportunity to sport my new clothes.  The stores are moving the seasons faster than Mother Nature is for my area.

If I had a wish list item for spring clothing and I see it in the stores, I would be tempted to purchase it.  However, I’m staying away from shopping the first wave of spring merchandise to ‘freshen up’ my spring wardrobe.  It’s tempting to shop now, but the stores have only stocked wave 1 of spring clothing.  I know new items will continue to enter the stores for at least another month or two.  And anything purchased now will sit for months unworn.

Do you let the stores or the current weather in your area drive your shopping?


  1. I live in Texas, where the spring season is short and the summer season is LONG. If I see something in a store (or online) that would enhance my wardrobe, I tend to go ahead and get it, even if it sits in my closet until the weather cooperates. There have been times in the past when I have regretted buying too early, as I found that the clothes went on sale or I had changed my mind about them. But now that I am buying more selectively, I have a better idea of what I want and how it will fit into my wardrobe.

    1. Texas, indeed their summer are much warmer than ours in the Northeast. I think the key to shopping out of season is exactly what you’ve mentioned. One has to have a very clear idea of what pieces will fit well into an existing wardrobe. Having a well thought list before shopping really helps to prevent poor purchases. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have come to view the seasons in a more grand sense. You know I’ve divided my time between 2 opposing climates for well over a decade now. I have to take the long view. Since I spent most of my time over the last year and a half in FL, a majority of my new things are warmer weather wear. So I refreshed my winter stock with a small seasonal shop of about 7 items, and am now stepping back from shopping. When/if spring comes I have plenty of relatively fresh purchases from last year to span the much shorter warm weather season here. I imagine my ‘refresh’ will happen closer to May and might be half the amount of my winter refresh.

    1. Smart move to limit the winter items since your time has been spent in hot weather longer lately. Things would be so much easier if the weather didn’t bounce around so much! Thanks for stopping by Mo!

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