Own Less Shoes, Wear More Often

January 11, 2015

Eight pairs of boots in my shoe capsule.

Eight pairs of boots in my shoe capsule.

Today I’m going to do a review and edit of my show capsule.  I currently own 18 pairs of shoes (1 purged since the last check-in) of which, eight are boots.  The mid calf boots with the heel are from my business/special occasion capsule.  The two cowboy boots are worn on the non rainy days for spring, summer and fall.  In the winter months, I don’t use them (the salt and slush and grime would ruin them).

Five winter boots.

Five winter boots.

That leaves me with 5 pairs of winter boots, except the buckle booties in the bottom row recently went into the rubbish bin because the zipper broke.

The top boot replaces the two bottom boots.

The top boot replaces the two bottom boots.

For a few weeks, I only had one black boot, but I kept reaching for the short buckle bootie I no longer owned.  The black buckle bootie in the top row is the replacement.  But then I realized, I never sport the light colored bootie.  I adore the color, but the heel is too high for my fussy feet.  So that one was purged.  The black bootie in the top row, replaced the two booties in the bottom row.

My new boot capsule.

My new boot capsule.

I’m left with 4 boots in my shoe wardrobe.  And my current shoe wardrobe now has 17 items:

  • Boots/Booties: 7
  • Flats/Short Heels: 6
  • Sandals/Flip Flops: 4

As I slowly shrink the size of my shoe wardrobe I get to sport my favorite pairs more often.  A win, win!

How many shoes do you regularly use?



  1. Love the boots! I’ve been working on reducing the shoe wardrobe also. I am currently down to two pairs of knee high boots, three ankle boots, three flats, three sandals and three sneaks. I think the rule of three works for me….one plain, one statement and one in-between of each type of shoe. So I need one more pair knee high boots, haha.

    1. I am always a sucker for boots and handbags with hardware on them, especially buckles. Your rule of three for footwear is a great idea! I am curious, do you own three of the same color and just change up the style or do you also change the color for your rule of three? Thanks for stopping by!

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