Squeeze The Capsule Wardrobe

January 1, 2015


Tops from the Business Capsule, added to the Fall/Winter Wardrobe.

Tops from the Business/Special Occasion capsule, added to the Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe

Happy New Year!  One of my goals in 2015 is to continue to reduce the size of my wardrobe.  At the beginning of month 1, I realized that I have many capsules in my wardrobe.  And if I want to succeed with The 80/20 Challenge, then I’m going to need to do more than simply purge clothing that I’m not using.  I also have to stretch the use of my capsules.  By using items in more than one capsule, I can maximize the use of my wardrobe.  The less divided into capsules my wardrobe is, the less chance there is for pieces to sit unworn for long periods of time.  This reasoning means my least used wardrobe capsules are my latest target for a little closet editing.

Business and Special Occasion Capsule

Back in Month 1, my Business and Special Occasion Capsule had 21 items.  Of these items, 7 pieces can be added as layering items for my fall/winter capsule wardrobe:

  • 5 Shirts/Blouses
  • 1 Cardigan
  • 1 Shell (I may have to move this to my spring/summer wardrobe, but for now I’m leaving it on the fall/winter side of the closet)

Adding 7 pieces from this capsule to my fall/winter capsule wardrobe, which is used more often, leaves me with only 14 items that sit unworn for a large portion of the year:

Business/Special Occasion Capsule.

Business/Special Occasion capsule wardrobe

  • 3 Suits (2 Trouser Suits and 1 Skirt Suit)
  • Special Occasion Dress and Cardigan in the White Bag (for weddings)
  • 3 Dresses (1 Sheath and 2 Printed)
  • 2 Black Trousers (one straight leg and one cuffed wide leg)
  • 4 Footwear (Black Sandal, Black Dressy Sandal, Nude Wedge, Black Short Boot) (not shown in closet photo but you can see the footwear in this post)

This change does not affect the total number of items in my wardrobe, since I did not purge any items, however, I anticipate that the tops will wear out a lot faster now that they can be worn more often.

Beach/Swim Capsule

Another capsule that I can shrink in size is my Beach/Swim Capsule.  In the comments section of this post, Renee pointed out “do you really need a separate cover up for each bathing suit and a sarong? It seems like one cover up and one sarong would meet your needs.”

And indeed she is correct, I am overloaded on swimsuit coverups.  This 11 item capsule was purged down to 8 items (footwear not shown in the photo):

New Beach/Swim Capsule

New Beach/Swim Capsule

  • 1 Rash guard (shorts and top)
  • 2 Coverups
  • 3 Bathing Suits
  • 1 Flat Sandal (not shown in photo)
  • 1 Wedge Sandal (not shown in photo)

I kept 2 coverups, so that I have one to wear while the other one is drying.  These 3 items were donated, because they all could function as swimsuit coverups and I certainly do not need 6 swimsuit coverups!

Purged Beach/Swim Capsule items

Donated Beach/Swim capsule wardrobe items

Lounge/Sleep Capsule

A third capsule that I can shrink by making items multi-use is my Lounge/Sleep Capsule.  By using The Power of Three, I can eliminate one sleep outfit.  Also, by making my t-shirts work double duty as both lounge wear and sleep wear, I’m able to purge the ‘extra’ t-shirts. That’s 5 items donated.

Purged Lounge/Sleep Capsule items.

Donated Lounge/Sleep Capsule items

And now this 17 item capsule has been reduced to 12 items.

New Lounge/Sleep Wear Capsule

New Lounge/Sleep Wear capsule wardrobe

  • 3 Sweat Pants
  • 3 t-shirts
  • 3 Sweatshirts/Hoodies
  • 3 Shorts

The Business/Special Occasion and Beach/Swim capsules now consist of 22 items that sit unworn for most of the year.  In my next post I’m going to crunch the numbers for my entire wardrobe based on these changes.

Do you own items that function in more than one capsule?


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