The Power Of Three

December 18, 2014

One of the challenges when you are creating a fully functional wardrobe, is deciding how many repeats of the same item to own. Too many and I grow bored of the item really fast.  Too little and I end up with a laundry day bottleneck, unable to sport a particular outfit because the item is dirty.  But what is the ideal number of items to own?   I’ve been perusing my fall/winter capsule wardrobe and it looks like my repeat number is three.

How did I figure this out?

It was pretty easy to figure out what my repeat number is.  I own four pairs of skinny jeans, yet I only reach for the same three pairs.  I’ve noticed that I always reach for a bootcut pair instead of the fourth skinny jean pair.

I’m rotating three long sleeve t’s often, except I have four in my wardrobe.  Again I notice that I’ll pull a button down shirt as a layer before I’ll reach for that last long sleeve t.

By identifying how often I enjoy repeating a specific style, I can start culling my wardrobe.

Do you know what your repeat number is?


  1. I also cap my buying frenzies at 3 now. My approach is a little different, in that my 3 are not all the same color, but rather same style or silhouette. I go with a light neutral, dark neutral, then color or pattern. Stop. See my wear patterns before diving in further with more versions. So maybe 3 open knit sweaters, for example. I have an ivory, black, and berry purple. Unless and until I find I’m wearing them to death I don’t need to buy more. 🙂

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