The Signature Piece

December 14, 2014

A signature piece is something that the person always uses.  Often it is something you wear year round.  It could be an accessory (scarves, footwear, jewelry, sunglasses), a hairstyle, a lipstick shade, or even just a color.  If someone were asked to describe your personal style, it would be the item that they associate with “you.”

Articles often discuss signature pieces, here are a few:

At first I wanted to label my signature piece to be jeans, or boots, or blazers.  All of these items I sport often.  But although these items are worn quite often, there are times when I will deviate from them.  I won’t sport boots in our hot summers.  And I do grow tired of blazers and switch up with pullovers.  Even jeans get a mix up with varying silhouettes.

What do I do now?

Well, I decided to focus on colors.  I do sport a lot of blue.  And more recently I’ve been shifting my wardrobe to brown instead of black.  But again, the colors I wear often change.  Sometimes it’s all neutrals, other times it’s more colors.  And while my wardrobe colors are shifting and growing less in number, I do not sport a signature color regularly, at least not yet.  So back to the drawing board.

What do I truly wear without question for the occasion or time of year?

What never changes?

Eventually I realized that my signature piece is actually my watch.  I’ve worn a wristwatch daily for as long as I can remember.  And a number of years ago I got a new watch as a wedding gift from DH.  Regardless of the season or the occasion, my watch is the one constant for my personal style.  I really don’t leave home without it.  To a wedding, a run to the grocery store, or to work, it doesn’t matter.  Paired with blue, or black, or browns, again it’s the same watch.  My one constant for my personal style—I always wear my wristwatch.

What’s your signature piece?



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