What I Want My Gift To Say

December 7, 2014

The holiday shopping season is in full effect and it seems like every single store has a “one day only sale” going on right now.  With so many stores and deals available, this is the hardest time of year to try to make smart purchasing decisions.  The pressure to shop is always at it’s highest at this time of year. Temptation is literally everywhere I look!  But all of these items that are on sale, are they truly meaningful?  Or is it the gift giving gesture itself that really holds value to the recipient?

Will my best friend, close relative, or co-worker really feel appreciated because of the actual item I give them?  Or would something homemade say the same thing?  Or how about an experience together instead?

As the gift giving season is rapidly approaching, I’m going to take the time to reconsider what I’m trying to say to the receiver with the gift I give them.  And only after I’ve cleared up what I want to say, will I decide what I’m going to give (a new possession, my time, a delicious homemade baked treat, etc).

Do you shop first or think first about the gifts you will give during the holiday season?




  1. For a long time now I only exchange with my significant other. We keep it very small. Maybe 2 items. No tree. This year I knew what I wanted to get him. I’ve been getting him winter wear the last several years. Cashmere sweaters, a great coat, designer corduroys. But as the years wear on, he needs less and less and he, like many of us women, is picky about what clothing he wants to wear. So, this year I got him wooden hangers. I remember how much they transformed my own closet when I found my petite set. I got 2 sizes for him, extended for the broader shouldered items, and regular for the basic stuff. Can’t wait to see them all lined up nicely!

    1. What a great gift idea! DH and I rarely exchange gifts either. After 10 years, if we gave gifts for every holiday and anniversary, that can really add up! However, this year while shopping for others, we both picked up sneakers and some work out gear. All items that needed replacing anyway, so we snatched them up and now that’ll be gifts for both of us. It’s a win win, items we both needed anyway and now we have gifts to exchange.

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