Two Ways To Shrink My Wardrobe

December 4, 2014

These four are out to make room for only two new.

These 4 pieces are out to make room for only 2 new things.

I’ve been working to reduce the overall size of my wardrobe for quite some time now.  I could do a massive closet edit and get rid of lots of stuff at one time, but I’m not someone who can do that and refrain from going into shock and immediately adding the same number back in.  Instead, I need a less drastic option.  If you also need your closet to shrink slowly over time, here are 2 of my favorite options:

  1. Don’t replace worn out items (see this post).  By not replacing items right away, I’m able to get more use out of the pieces I already own.  And this gives me a natural pause.  Time to think about if I really want to own the same type of item again.
  2. Let more out than in.  I purchased two new sweaters/jumpers in this post.  By letting go of more items than I purchased, I can slowly reduce the size of my wardrobe while freshening it up with new pieces.

And I think it’s always helpful to review why I’m letting go of items:

  • Purple turtleneck.  Rarely worn, and I have other solid turtlenecks in my wardrobe in colors I’m finding more useful (ivory and black) than this purple one.
  • Pink Zip Up.  This item has lingered for over a year.  I always kept it because it generates comments from others that the color is flattering on me.  But I never reach for it.  It’s just too bright for my current tastes.
  • Stripe Knit and Denim Shirt.  Both items have holes in them and are past their prime.

By making small adjustments over time I’m able to manage my wardrobe slowly and give myself time to adjust to the changes and make sure I really want the new pieces.

Have you ever let more items out than in to your wardrobe?

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