Should You Really Replace That?

November 30, 2014

Boots I'm not replacing.

The tall boots I’m not going to replace.

If I want to sport 80% and not 20% of my wardrobe, then it is important that I not only one in/one out new purchases, but also sometimes let an item wear out and not replace it.  Right now, these tall boots have just provided me a chance to do just that.

These black tall boots have been worn 111 times, for a cost per wear of 98 cents!  And for the past month they have been driving me batty.  I kept hearing a clopping sound, yet on the outside the boots appeared to still be in good shape.

Worn away heels on the inside.

Worn away heels on the inside.

But it was the inside that has worn away.  The heels have worn out and the hard material is sticking out, rubbing against my heel.  But the clopping sound, was the sole of the boot itself.  The soles have lifted away, and that’s why I clopped.  At first I was thrilled, I had finally worn out a pair of boots!  I’ve owned them for 3 years.  I immediately started searching for new tall boots.

These boots could replace my tall black one's.

Any of these boots could replace my tall black one’s.

And then it hit me, why not use another pair of boots in place of these instead of replacing them?  I still own another pair of tall boots, just brown instead of black, which can fulfill my tall boot cravings.  And I still own two pairs of black boots, just short one’s.  So my black boot needs are covered too.  Before I rush out and purchase a new tall black pair, I’m going to see if I can incorporate what I already own instead.

Do you always replace worn out items?



  1. Excellent point! Sometimes reducing how many similar items you have it the best way to go. That includes not replacing worn out items or doing a 1 in/2 out exchange.

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