Black Friday Challenge

November 27, 2014

These sweaters have been 50% and 30% off within the same week.

These sweaters have been 50% and 30% off within the same week.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  This means that tomorrow is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year.  And while Black Friday is now a day of excitement for millions of people, as they get a start on their holiday shopping, this was not always the case.  It’s only in recent times that Black Friday has turned into a marketing powerhouse for retailers.

  • The term Black Friday was coined in the 1960s, although why is controversial.  Some suspect the name was derived from when retailers moved merchandise from red to black (a potential loss to a potential gain) as a way to push merchandise off the showroom floors.  Yet others, claim that the Philadelphia police coined the term to signify the traffic jams and pedestrian traffic in the regions shopping district.
  • Unfortunately, while many people walk away from Black Friday with joy for their new purchases, Black Friday was not always positive.  Although today retailers use the name to signal success and profit.
  • In recent years the popularity of Black Friday has grown.  And retailers have followed suit.  I’ve noticed an increase in the number of stores that open earlier and earlier with their ‘blockbuster deals.’  And more stores are not even waiting until Friday, instead choosing to open their doors sometime in the evening on Thanksgiving Day itself.

So how good are these deals?

Well, I go back to one of my favorite quotes from DH:

“An item was only a deal if you were going to purchase it anyway.”

I know that I have been very guilty of purchasing many items over the years that I thought were ‘good deals.’  And they often ended up returned or donated, because the rush of nabbing a ‘good deal’ was what spurred my purchasing decision.  As the popularity of Black Friday has grown, so has my impulse purchasing.

But this year, I’m doing a Black Friday Challenge.  It’s really simple.  I’m turning the tables on the retailers and not shopping on Black Friday.  I may not be able to resist all of my shopping urges at this time of year, but I can at least let me the decisions maker for when I want to shop, instead of letting the retailers do it for me.

To appease the shopping beast, I went shopping last weekend and picked up the two sweaters at the top of this post.  For 50% off.  And as of the writing of this blog post, the same sweaters were only 30% off.

It makes me wonder if the Black Friday deals are as great as retailers want us to believe.

Will you shop on Black Friday this year?






  1. I’m doing a bit of shopping, but nothing I wouldn’t normally buy. I’m getting some new face wash, for example, and probably my husband’s Christmas card as we both are working and it’s a chance to sneak in a card without him nearby. Even said DH believes that there’s not the deals this year that have been in years past, and I’m not doing any midnight or middle of the night shopping–even online. Nothing I care that much for, and I believe in shopping locally when possible

    1. It sounds like you have a great plan for your holiday shopping this year. I am also a fan of shopping locally as much as possible. My DH also commented that it looks like the marketers have gotten smart and are using the momentum from prior years, when the deals were good, to get away with less deals this time around. People already think since it’s Black Friday they will get a deal and may not be looking closely at if the deal really is good or not. Sneaky, sneaky in my opinion. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Just read an article that said that the majority of items are not actually deeply discounted today, and that the best time to get deals is right before or right after Christmas. But there is just no amount of deal that would get me near a mall today.

    1. Interesting to learn that the best deals are closest to the Christmas holiday. It’s tough to keep up with the games marketers play. I’m happy to hear that you also stayed away from the malls on Black Friday. Thanks for stopping by!

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