Finding Your Inspiration (Week 53)

November 9, 2014

Postcard from Paris.

A postcard from Paris.


What has helped me stay focused on reducing the size of my wardrobe over the past year—inspiration.  These daily, or weekly reminders remind me of my end goal, to own a smaller sized wardrobe filled with clothes that I not only love, but also use.  Here are 2 of my favorite’s:

  1. A postcard from Paris
  2. DH’s Closet(s)

A Postcard from Paris

It’s no secret that I adore French/Parisian inspired wardrobes.  After all I’ve already complete 2 rounds of the French Capsule Challenge (here and here).  I keep this postcard tucked in my mirror to remind myself about French/Parisian wardrobes.

DH’s Closet(s)

DH’s wardrobe size is minimal to me.  He wears the majority of the pieces in his wardrobe often.  And his closet stores everything with room to spare.  When I grow frustrated with the slow progress of reducing the size of my wardrobe or start to waver on a no shopping ban, I take a peek inside DH’s closet(s).  Everything coordinates well and he is able to dress quickly everyday.

Unlike my closet (which is a walk in) DH stores his items among two closets.  One has a rod for hanging items, the other has a small hanging rod and a shelving system.  My favorite feature about DH’s closet, all the empty space.  And it is rarely cluttered, as there’s not enough stuff stored inside to really cause a mess at any given point in time.

DH's Closet-hanging items.

DH’s Closet-hanging items.


DH's closet-hanging items.

DH’s Closet-hanging items.

DH’s Closet-Hanging Items

  • 2 pairs of trousers for work not currently in use
  • 3 pairs of jeans for weekends
  • 2 pairs of trousers for work, worn daily
  • 3 belts
  • 11 Button down shirts for work, worn daily
  • 1 Linen button down shirt for summer
  • 4 dress shirts (for suit)
  • Suit (in garment bag)
  • Undershirts are stored on the top shelf including a back up set picked up during my favorite sale
  • Footwear, out of season and gear shoes are on the shoe rack (the in season shoes are stored in the coat closet by the front door)
DH's Closet system.

DH’s Closet-Shelving System.

DH”s Closet-Shelving System

  • First shelf: gear bottoms and out of season bottoms (2 shorts and 2 track pants)
  • Second shelf: Lounge-wear (2 sweatpants and 3 sweatshirts) and 19 t-shirts
  • Third shelf: Empty!


What is your source(s) of inspiration for your wardrobe?

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