Go Seasonal With Less (Week 48)

October 5, 2014

Bath & Body Works Foam Soaps

Bath & Body Works foam soaps are my favorite.

I’m a big fan of the foam soaps produced by Bath & Body Works.  Especially the seasonal scents.  They always brighten my day and are a nice nod to the current season.  However, it is very, very easy to stock up on these soaps.  Then I end up with too many soaps, and not enough time in the season to use them all up.  Now, when I purchase these soaps, I do two things:

1. I purchase less of the seasonal scents at one time

Often the in store offer is 4 for the discount.  And I have three bathrooms.  In the past I would purchase 4 seasonal scents, but I would often not finish all 4 before the next seasonal scents arrive in the stores.  And I’d have leftovers that would sit and wait a year unused, until the season rolled around again.  Now I purchase 3 seasonal scents, and if I run out of one, I simply add in a neutral scent until the next season rolls around.

Savings offers given at the time of purchase, for future purchases.

Savings offers given at the time of purchase, but they can only be used for future purchases.

2. I ignore the savings offers they provide during the purchase

There always seems to be a discount offer provided during the purchase.  If I purchased 4 soaps during my visit, and then I purchased another 4 two weeks later to use the coupon, and then another 4 two weeks after that for the second coupon, in one month I will have purchased 12 bottles of soap!  And they would all be scents for the current season!  There is no way I would use up that many soaps, that fast.

No matter, just save them for later.  But then, when the season rolls around again, I want to use NEW soaps with NEW seasonal scents, not my old one’s.  And before I knew it, I would have amassed far too many soaps yet again.  At one point I had so many soaps I was able to go for a year and a half before I used them all up.  And I have THREE bathrooms!

Now I am able to stay in season and purchase new scents as the seasons change, without overflowing my closet.

Do you really use the items fast enough when you ‘stock up’? 

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