Last Days Of Summer (Week 45)

September 14, 2014

Final Spring/Summer Wardrobe.

Final Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe.

I took one last look at my spring/summer capsule wardrobe and decided to refresh this wardrobe now that it’s the end of the season.  Originally I was going to wait until the start of the spring/summer season to update my wardrobe, however, I still have quite a few items left in the boutique, so I figured why not update this wardrobe sooner rather than later.

The photo above was my final spring/summer capsule wardrobe from this post.  Out of these items, a few pieces have become worn out and I’m ready to pass them on.  I’ve also noticed, despite having a much smaller wardrobe than I’ve had in the past, I still favor some items over others.  The items I’ve been passing over all season I’m also going to move on to a new home.


Items I'm ready to 'let go of' from my spring/summer wardrobe.

Items I’m ready to ‘move on’ from my spring/summer capsule wardrobe.

These 7 items are the pieces that I’m tired of or have worn out this past spring/summer season.  I find it helpful to review why I’m letting something go, as well as what the CPW/CPU of the item was at the time of the purge.

  1. Camo Print T-Shirt: I only had this t-shirt for 1 season and it’s already worn out.  The fabric has holes in it.  Purchased for $23.60. Worn 12 times before getting a hole in the material.  CPW/CPU $1.97.
  2. Devils Print T-Shirt: Another 1 season t-shirt, it’s still in good shape, but I want to shift my wardrobe away from black so I do not reach for this top as often as some others.  Purchased for $12.99. Worn 7 times. CPW/CPU $1.86.
  3. Butterfly Print T-Shirt: A favorite shirt this season, it has gotten holes in the material.  Ironically it’s the same brand as the shirt in #1.  Purchased for $20.65. Worn 10 times. CPW/CPU $2.07
  4. Teal Horse Print T-Shirt: This top was a disappointment because it shrunk from washing.  Purchased for $20.00.  Worn 9 times before shrinkage.  CPW/CPU $2.22.
  5. Black Horse Print T-Shirt: Another black t-shirt that is still in good shape, but I’m trying to shift away from so much black in my summer wardrobe.  Purchased for $29.99. Worn 6 times. CPW/CPU $5.00
  6. White/Black Stripe Blouse: This was an impulse purchase from my favorite sale, last year, and has rarely been worn.  I really like the style of this top, but the bold stripes always make me select something else over it.  Purchased for $33.98. Worn 5 times. CPW/CPU $6.80.
  7. Pineapple/Print Hoodie: This was supposed to be a ‘fun’ printed hoodie for summer, but I often felt juvenile in it instead.  Purchased for $33.59. Worn 11 times. CPW/CPU $3.05.
  8. Yellow Trousers: My biggest mistake purchase of this group.  These trousers were purchased for a holiday and have rarely been worn.  Apparently I’m just not a fan of a cropped length trouser.  Purchased for $48.99. Worn 6 times. CPW/CPU $8.17.


Items from the boutique for the spring/summer wardrobe.

Items from the boutique for the spring/summer capsule wardrobe.

Items from the boutique I’m ready to add into my spring/summer wardrobe.  Three of these items are recent purchases from a holiday (brown, white and red t-shirts).  The rest have sat in the boutique since I started The DH Closet Challenge and are finally added into the spring/summer working closet.

Newly refreshed spring/summer wardrobe.

Newly refreshed spring/summer capsule wardrobe.

This final photo of this post is my newly just refreshed my spring/summer capsule wardrobe, ready for next year.

Do you refresh your wardrobe before or after the season?


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