Analyzing Spring/Summer (Week 43)

August 31, 2014

Final Spring/Summer Wardrobe.

Final Spring/Summer Capsule Wardrobe for 2014.

Now that we are moving into fall, I thought it would be interesting to crunch some numbers from the spring/summer side of my working closet.  The photo above is my final spring/summer capsule wardrobe, minus the two workout outfits which I keep folded in a dresser.  I’m going to answer the same questions covered in my fall/winter analysis (part I) and (part II).

My final totals for the spring/summer capsule wardrobe mentioned in this post, was 53 items:

  • 8 bottoms (jeans, trousers and shorts)
  • 1 hoodies
  • 10 toppers (this includes: pullover sweaters, blazers and cardigans)
  • 4 knits (3/4 or LS, for layering)
  • 5 gear items (2 jeans, 2 hoodies, 1 t-shirt)
  • 3 shirts/blouses
  • 10 SS T’s/Tops
  • 3 tanks
  • 3 scarves
  • 2 workout gear (top and bottom; no change; not shown in the closet photo)
  • 4 dresses

When did I reach my final total?

  • I reached my final total of 53 items, at week 34 of The DH Closet Challenge.  My spring/summer wardrobe had a few changes throughout the season.
  • I began sporting spring/summer clothes during week 18 of The DH Closet Challenge.
  • My largest increase in wardrobe number was from week 22 to week 28, with 24 items!  This included 13 items purchased for a vacation/holiday.
  • My highest total was 62 items at week 33.  I immediately purged 9 items the next week and have stayed at 53 items since.
  • Out of the final total, 17 items were utilitarian in their function and were for specific activities or as a layering item.  These included: gear items (5), workout gear (2 outfits, 4 items), tanks (3), knits/LS T’s (4) and scarves (3).
  • That left me with 36 items for outfit remixing (bottoms [8], hoodies [1], toppers [10], shirts/blouses [3], SS T’s/Tops [10], dresses [4]).
  • Items worn the most, were still only worn X times.  Since I remember some items being workhorses and worn often, this means items were either worn once a week, almost every week, or worn often within a week, to not be worn on other weeks.

How often did I overhaul my working wardrobe?

My first purge of working closet items, wasn’t until week 34, when I purged 9 items because I was at my highest total was 62 items at week 33.  I also purged again during week 36 (5 items) and week 42 (1 item).  That gives me a total of 15 items purged from the working closet during spring/summer for a turnover of 28.3%.

Did I shop during spring/summer?

Unfortunately, yes, I did shop in the retail stores and NOT the boutique during the spring/summer season.  I purchased quite a few items for a vacation/holiday.

What’s left in the ’boutique’?

After my second purge of the boutique, I thought I only had fall/winter clothing left.  Until I recently did an analysis of the boutique and was surprised to realize that I still have spring/summer weather clothing in there!  Particularly short sleeve t-shirts with a print on them that I can only sport on weekends and short sleeve tops in fall colors.

Key Takeaway – Owning more than I need

Well the boutique is still in business so I am still owning more than I sport daily.  And I am still amazed at the low number of clothes I need for a given season.  I finished the spring/summer season with only 10 short sleeve t-shirts/tops.  That means every week and a half, I’m repeating my tops, but this is more than enough variety for me.  Before the challenge I would have thought I needed AT LEAST two weeks worth (or 14 tops) before I would want to repeat.  And of course, some people will require more variety.  But for me, 10 is enough.

What have you learned from your spring/summer capsule wardrobe (or fall/winter capsule wardrobe if that is the season currently ending in your area)?


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