Clutter Creeps In Everywhere

August 21, 2014

A primary focus on Shopping Brake has been wardrobes, however, clutter can creep into a home anywhere!  One way I avoid excessive accumulation of clutter is to reevaluate everything in my home at least twice a year.  It may sound like an arduous task, however, the less I own, the easier it is to evaluate each piece.  Every time I do a clean out, I find yet more items that have managed to sneak into the home at some point after the last cull.

Inspired by How to Be Chic blog, I decided to focus on my kitchen today because I have found that it is a great place for clutter to accumulate.

My kitchen is 110 square feet, with a very large countertop that is left as bare as possible for cooking.  I often cook more than one dish at time on the weekend and simply reheat during the week.  Having the countertop bare helps me keep clutter down and be able to cook easily.  However, cabinets are often the culprits with holding clutter.

This cabinet holds cooking liquids.  Sometimes I’ll purchase something to try out a new recipe and the dish does not make it into the regular rotation.  This leaves the item to sit unused for months.

 (I had a before and after photo but deleted it by mistake, drat!)

This desk is another culprit.  Figurines often end up inside over the course of the year.  A few cups have wandered their way inside too.

 (I had a before and after photo but deleted it by mistake, drat!)

(Hopefully next time I declutter, I will have photos to post!)

How often do you declutter your home, if at all?





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