Back To The Shoes (Week 41)

August 17, 2014


One in and one out.

One in // One out

I wasn’t expecting to return to my shoe wardrobe so soon, but DH was cleaning out his shoe wardrobe the other day and offered to help me with mine too.

  • My first round of shoe purging was here. At this time I added a few pairs and purged a few pairs, but ultimately ended up increasing the size of my shoe wardrobe to 20 pairs.
  • Later I analyzed my shoe wardrobe here.  This time around I realized that I could purge 60% of my shoe wardrobe (12 pairs) and still own enough shoes to cover the various occasions for my shoe wardrobe.  Fellow reader Lynn passed along great advice in the comments section of that analysis post:

“Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with the idea of a minimal ‘perfect’ wardrobe

and forget that the true issue is to buy less and buy what you really need.”

Following the comment, I decided to focus on discarding instead of replacing shoes as they wear out.  Over time, this will decrease the total number of my shoe wardrobe.

Unfortunately, I didn’t maintain this focus for very long and ended up purchasing 5 new pairs of shoes after a shopping fast.  This brought my shoe wardrobe to 25 pairs of shoes!  In an attempt to control my shoe wardrobe, I tried to purge shoes myself, but ultimately only replaced one for one.

The ballet flat replaces the loafer which was worn out after this post.  That leaves me with 24 pairs of shoes.

My shoe wardrobe was starting to get out of control and sometimes purging is easier to do when you have someone to help you.  They can look at items with a more objective eye.

DH used 3 criteria to purge my shoes:

  1. For daily shoes (not special occasion shoes), can I walk in them for 8 hours or more?
  2. Is the shoe uncomfortable in any way (pinch toes, cause blisters, make my feet sore or tired)?
  3. Do I own another shoe that serves the same function?

I’ve had lots of foot issues in the past, including bunion surgery.  Any shoe that is not a true all day shoe and not truly 100% comfortable just has to go regardless of the cost or how worn out it is or is not.  With this input I was able to purge  5 additional pairs of shoes.

An additional 5 to purge.

An additional 5 to purge.

  • Tan Mid Calf Boot: The padding has worn out faster than the sole of the boot and the mid calf height was never flattering on my legs.  I’d been trying to add cushioned inserts to make the boot last longer while I waited for the sole to wear out.  But it’s already uncomfortable?  So why wait? Purged.
  • Tall Camel Boot: The heel is 1/2 inch too tall.  A half inch may not seem like a lot, but I don’t sport this boot nearly as often as my tall black or brown one’s which have a shorter heel.  Purged.
  • Grey Boatshoe: Another shoe I’ve tried to add inserts to so that I can wait for the outside to wear out as fast as the inside did. Purged.
  • Navy Cap Toe Flat: A new purchase this season, my feet swell and then the shoe is too tight across the toe box.  I tried to stretch it but it did not help. Purged.
  • Brown Sandal: Another new purchase this season.  Once again the heel is 1/2 inch too tall and it hurts my feet.  Purged.
Current boots.

Current boots.

And here’s what I’m keeping and why.

  • Black and Brown Tall Boot: I sport these two colors equally throughout the season.  My plan is to only replace one color when they wear out, but I haven’t figured out which color yet.
  • Black Short Boot With Zipper: These are my rainy day/slush and snow/boots since I own two pairs of short black boots.
  • Tan Short Boot: I’m giving this boot one more season to see if I can sport the heel height daily, if it is also too tall, then I’ll purge it.
  • Black Short Boot With Lace: These could replace the short boots with the zipper, but since both are still in good shape and comfortable, I’m keeping them.
  • Brown Short Boot: These were a new purchase last season and still going strong.  I’ve been trying to switch my core wardrobe color to browns which is more flattering on me.
  • Cowboy Boot: A momento from a holiday with my sister, I want to start sporting these more often.
Daily shoes that are not boots.

Daily shoes that are not boots.

  • Turquoise, Nude, and Black Ballet Flats: All new purchases.
  • Turquoise Sandal: Another new purchase.  I thought these would work well as a replacement for the black flip flops.  But they are too nice to sport to the beach.
  • Black Flip Flop: These are looking worn but I’m waiting until next year to purchase a replacement pair.  I’d like my replacement pair to be beach friendly.
  • Grey Ballet Flat: A purchase earlier in the season, these have been a workhorse this season but are still going strong.
Special occasion/business capsule shoes.

Special occasion/business capsule shoes.


  • Black Wedge Sandal: My special occasion shoe, primarily worn for weddings.
  • Black Wedge Sandal: My summer business shoe.
  • Neutral Wedge Shoe: A new purchase as a business shoe.
  • Neutral Wedge Sandal: A purchase earlier in the season, it’s been a workhorse for summer evenings out.
  • Black Mid Calf Boot: My winter business shoe.

My shoe wardrobe is down to 19 pairs of shoes (18 shoes are shown in the photos, I own two of the nude ballet flat, only one is shown in the photos).

Do you purge your wardrobe by yourself or with help?







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