Fall Shopping-Checking It Twice

August 7, 2014

New items for fall/winter wardrobe.

New items for the fall/winter capsule wardrobe.

After creating a fall shopping list in my last post before I went to the stores, it’s time to see how my pre-planning worked for me.

Fall/Winter Shopping List

  1. Ivory or Camel Jumper: Complete.  My goal here was a light colored topper so that my winter outfits did not always feel ‘dark.’  I fell head over heels for the ivory fisherman cable pullover.
  2. Brown Mid-Weight Jumper: Half Complete.  I tried a number of jumpers but the only one that fit my wardrobe and was mid-weight was navy instead of brown.  Since navy is the biggest core color for my spring/summer wardrobe, this jumper may be a nice transition item between the two wardrobes.
  3. Brown LS T: Complete.  This one was easy to find and it will layer nicely under my existing sweaters that are still in the boutique and begin the transition of my fall/winter wardrobe into more brown shades.
  4. Ivory LS T: Complete.  This was another easy one and it will function similar to the brown one above.  It also layers well under the new ivory jumper.
  5. Yearly Replacements (bras, underwear, sleepwear, lingerie wash): Complete (not shown).  I purchase these items every season during the sale.
  6. Dark Wash Denim Skinny/Straight Leg Jeans: Complete.  I only found one premium denim jean that was on sale and fit my body type.  I selected a second premium denim pair that was full price (yikes!) but I adore the fit and wash of the denim.
  7. Machine Washable Dress for Business Capsule: Incomplete.  The dress selection did not fit my current needs/wants so I am waiting for a future shopping trip.
  8. Wildcard ItemComplete.  I selected a pair of brown skinny jeans.  I’ve been wanting to shift my wardrobe into more brown shades ever since The French Capsule Challenge.
  9. Wildcard Item Number TwoComplete.  This is sort of a wildcard item.  I ended up with a long awaited tan blazer.  I had a tan blazer on my wish list for so long, I had almost forgotten I wanted one.  I’ve finally found a blazer in a tan color that is flattering on my skin tone (usually they wash me out).
  10. Denim Shirt: Complete. This item was not originally on my shopping list, but in the stores I remembered that the shirt currently in my fall/winter wardrobe was recently added, but shows signs of heavy wear.  It’s not going to last too long into the season, so I picked up one on sale as a replacement.

Overall I consider the shopping for my favorite sale successful:

  • I purchased 6 out of the 9 items that were on my pre-planned shopping list.
  • I ended up half-completing one item based on store availability and my personal style preferences.  For this item, I filled the wardrobe need, although it was not with the exact item color/type I had in mind when I planned my shopping list.
  • I left an item to be purchased at a later date.  This is a big change for me, in the past, I would never have left the mall until I found something, anything, to fulfill my shopping list.
  • Unfortunately I went over by two items.  I picked up one too many wildcard items, and my first wildcard item was for a category I did not plan to shop for (bottoms) since I still have a few in the boutique.  It is very easy to get side tracked during a sale, even with a list.  I also remembered a soon to be wardrobe need, to replace my denim shirt, which is starting to get a hole in it.  Since I know I’ll be looking for a replacement after one or two last wears of this piece, I purchased on one sale.

How often does shopping for a specific item take you more than one trip?


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