Fall Shopping-Creating a List

August 3, 2014

I'm ready to come home with one of these.

I’m ready to come home with one of these.

One of DH’s favorite phrases is:

“A sale item is not a good deal if you weren’t going to purchase it anyway.”

This year I changed strategies and am going to shop my favorite sale with a list, which I created after pre-planning my fall/winter capsule wardrobe (part one, part two, and part three).  Here’s what went on my shopping list.

Fall/Winter Shopping List

  1. Ivory or Camel Jumper: About midway through the season last year I realized that most of my clothing for fall/winter was dark colors.  A light color topper piece will help to lighten up my outfits.
  2. Brown Mid-Weight Jumper: I learned during The French Capsule Challenge, that brown may be more flattering on me than black, and a brown jumper that will stand alone on cool fall days but can also layer under my blazers on cold winter days is a nice place to start transitioning my fall/winter wardrobe to a brown core color.
  3. Brown LS T: This piece would layer under the new brown mid-weight jumper above, the wine sweatercoat in my fall/winter wardrobe, and a long cardigan still in the boutique.
  4. Ivory LS T: This piece would also layer under the new brown mid-weight jumper, the ivory jumper in my fall/winter wardrobe, and the same long cardigan from above still in the boutique.
  5. Yearly Replacements (bras, underwear, sleepwear, lingerie wash): I purchase these items every season during the sale.
  6. Dark Wash Denim Skinny/Straight Leg Jeans: Jeans that can tuck inside of tall boots are a workhorse item in my fall/winter wardrobe.  I have two pairs that are a few years old and I would like to replace this season.  Originally I wanted to roadtest how often I would sport a skinny jean, so I did not invest in premium denim for these.  Now that I know they will be workhorses, I’d prefer if the new pairs (I’m looking for two pairs) are premium denim.
  7. Machine Washable Dress for Business Capsule: I used to always forget about my business capsule because I do not sport these items daily and would find myself rushing to purchase something because I ‘had to have it’ for the next day.  Now I try to keep this capsule in mind so that it is always ready to go.  The dress must pair with black, as all of my business clothes coordinate with black footwear.
  8. Wildcard Item: Since it is impossible to always predict what will be workhorse piece or what is ‘new’ this season, I’m giving myself room for 1 unplanned item.  However, this item cannot be part of the categories that are absent from my shopping list this year, nor can it be a color that does not coordinate with my current wardrobe.

A number of categories are absent from my shopping list this year including: short sleeve tops/t’s, trousers, shoes and boots, and handbags.  The boutique still has plenty of fall colored short sleeve tops/t’s and trousers.  And my shoe and handbag wardrobes are in good shape too.  To avoid temptation, I’m going to try not to look at these items while shopping.

In my next post we see how well I did (or did not do) shopping the sale.

Is your shopping more successful when using a list?  



  1. I did a pretty comprehensive inventory and priority list as well! Shopping this month is a bit excessive in terms of me feeling like I’ve given myself too much permission to shop. On the other hand, I’m being extremely strategic and careful with my choices and will come out with a better, more workable (though larger) wardrobe.

    1. Great job on putting together a list before shopping. My shopping sessions are much more effective when I shop with a list. Sticking to the list, is almost as difficult as putting one together though. 🙂

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