Pre-Planning Fall (Part Two)

(This is part two of a 3-part post on Pre-Planning Fall, for part one, click here.)

July 27, 2014


Top row: From the boutique // Bottom row: Items to purge.

After reviewing my criteria for updating my fall/winter capsule wardrobe, it’s time for the fun part—putting these steps into action.  While updating my fall/winter capsule wardrobe, I also wanted to be sure I included everything from the boutique that was part of the mini capsule from this post (second photo).

Here’s how the clothes moved in, and out, of my closet.

  • The Red Jumper was an impulse purchase at the end of last season and did not get much use.  It is also a very bright red color and I prefer the color of the Darker Red Jumper from the boutique.
  • The Black/Cream Multi Print Jumper was a workhorse last season and looks worn.  Since I always wore it with black boots, I wanted to replace it with the Light Grey Jumper from the boutique, which will also pair well with black boots.
  • The Purple Cable Turtleneck drove me batty towards the end of last season, because it left fuzz balls everywhere after a while.  In the boutique, I had a duplicate of this piece in black.  I figured I should use the Black Cable Turtleneck this season until it wears out enough to also start leaving fuzz balls everywhere.
  • The Wine Turtleneck is cashmere and shrunk after dry cleaning (does this happen to anyone else?) and it is now too tight.  I replaced it with an Ivory V-neck that was in the boutique, which is also cashmere and from the same manufacturer.

Top row: From the boutique // Bottom row: Items to purge

  • As with the items in my first photo, I had duplicates for colors, styles, or both sitting in the boutique, so I updated all of my Layering tops with Duplicates from the boutique.

Top row: From the boutique // Bottom row: Items to purge

  • The Blue Printed Scarf was rarely worn so I replaced it with a Solid Black Scarf from the boutique that I hope will get more use.
  • The Leopard Print Jeans were fun to sport, but I’m tired of them so I replaced them with a Dark Wash Jean from the boutique.
  • The Coral Hoodie was another piece that drove me batty last season.  The back is cable and it weighed down the hoodie so that it would always press against my neck.  The Cream Zip Up from the boutique was an impulse purchase that last season that I was sad to never get a chance to use so I am happy to finally get to add it into my working wardrobe.
  • The White Shirt was a great layering piece, but has yellow stains near the armpits and thread is pulling out of the seams.  It was updated with a Denim Shirt from the boutique which has always been a useful layering piece.  Unfortunately the denim shirt already shows signs of heavy wear so I do not think it will last too long into the fall/winter season.

Top row: From the boutique // Bottom row: Items to purge

  • The Tweed Blazer is a few years old and still in great shape.  I’ve never loved this piece, but I do like the idea of a tweed blazer.  Until I find a version that I like, I am going to use the Red Blazer from the boutique.
  • The Black and Grey knits were layering pieces and are looking worn so I updated them with similar Black and Grey knits from the boutique that can also be used for layering under blazers.

Shuffling a few items

  • The Camel Bomber was moved to my outer wear capsule.  It is a little too heavy to layer underneath my winter coats and I rarely wore this piece in place of a blazer.  I preferred to use it as outerwear.  This meant I had room for a new piece from the boutique, a Wine Sweatercoat.
  • The Brown Hoodie was purged, it was a gear piece and it was starting to show wear.  I demoted the Cobalt Hoodie to gear, and replaced the Cobalt Hoodie with the Turquoise Knit, which will layer with blazers as easily as the cobalt hoodie did.

My next post will wrap up this discussion on pre-planning for fall.

Do you refresh your wardrobe before the season?


  1. Really good to read how you are using your boutique. Too often writers advise getting rid of anything you haven’t worn for a year. It is far better to retire items to a boutique to bring back as your wardrobe, needs and fashions change. I was at the point of getting rid of a cream top I have worn once in 5 years when I picked up an ivory and black skirt in a thrift shop which goes perfectly with it. As long as items are in good condition and suit you their day will come.

    1. Thanks Lynn! I am a slow closet purger and the boutique has definitely helped me to continue to purge my wardrobe just over a slower time frame. I think there is always a fine line with some clothing items. An item can be a favorite one season, and then sit unworn for the next season, only to fall back in favor the following season. How does one know when to keep or purge? I think as long as the unworn items is only a small subset owning a few pieces that are not used for a season is fine. But when it’s a lot of clothing then taking action to purge may be needed. It’s all about finding a balance and I’m still working on what that is.

  2. I love your thought process! It’s great that you actually use up items and cast them off because they’re worn or you’ve worn them so much you tire of them- much better than purging new things!

    I myself am getting around to purging too-worn things now and enjoy it mostly- excepting things I really loved! BTW I wore the blazer today- it definetly will be well worn, I love it!

    1. So happy the blazer worked out. Sometimes things are well loved, but never seem to wear out, and it’s nice when those pieces can find a good home and be ‘new’ again. I’ve purged new things so many times in the past in an attempt to control my wardrobe. Having to purge something because it was used up, or is past it’s fun time for me, is a much nicer (and easier to do) process.

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