Pre-Planning Fall (Part One)

(This is Part One of a 3-part series on Pre-Planning Fall.)

July 24, 2014

Even though I still have 1-2 months of warm weather, my favorite sale just started and it got me thinking in advance about my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.  But before I shop this sale, I want to figure out my wardrobe holes/needs are so that I can go into the sale prepared with a list instead of just randomly wandering around looking for whatever catches my eye.

I finished the fall/winter season last year with 54 items in my capsule wardrobe.  And I have an additional 64 fall/winter items sitting in the boutique among 3 shopping bags.

I’m going to use the following three steps to update my wardrobe:

  1. Evaluate:  What is worn out or I am just tired of and want to purge/donate?
  2. Double-check:  Can I fulfill the need from the boutique?
  3. Plan ahead: What am I looking for during the sale?

Now a closer look at each step:

1. Evaluate: What is worn out or I am just tired of it and want to purge/donate?

I have a number of items that are worn out or I am tired of and do not want to sport again this coming season.  None of these items are sentimental or cost an extreme amount of money.  I am comfortable passing these pieces on.  I’m also going to shift the use of a couple of items based on how I really used them last season.

2. Double-check: Can I fulfill the need from the boutique?

With 64 items still sitting in the boutique, any pieces that do not enter my fall/winter wardrobe will sit for ANOTHER YEAR unworn.  The boutique has no pre-set time limit until it closes, however, if I want to eventually use the bulk of what I own, I must remember to incorporate or purge boutique items every time I want to shop.

3. Plan-ahead: What am I looking for during the sale?

Technically, since I still have the boutique, I shouldn’t be looking for anything during the sale.  However, I’ve shopped this sale 3 years in a row, trying to go cold turkey will most likely drive me to the stores to shop shortly after the sale ends.  To ease the pressure, I’d rather go into the sale with a list that I created after evaluating my wardrobe.

In my next post, I’ll put these steps into action with my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.

How often do you shop with a list?


  1. I don’t have my clothing divided up by season, but I’ve been wanting to do it by caspule like you have for some experimental fun 🙂 I would say 80%+ of what I own is wearable in all seasons with less than 20% wearable for one or two seasons.

    I already clearly defined my future needs, and wants will show up as the seasonal merch. comes in. The biggest gaps for fall/winter for me are sweaters, a coat, and a nice pair of boots. It’s harder to shop for needs though- pretty things catch my eye and most often are not ‘needs’ but I can picture how I could wear it and work it in. I have to remind myself that there are fewer opportunities to wear things than I imagine!!!

    1. An 80% year round wardrobe is wonderful! I am hoping to have the bulk of my wardrobe shift to being year round too. I try to stay away from owning too many items that have seasonal prints or materials, especially in the summer months since I am often in a/c and needing warmer clothing anyway. And I agree, it is very easy to get sidetracked in the stores. I literally have to hold my shopping list in my hand and refer to it often, to help me stay on track. There are always so many pretty things, and never enough occasions to sport them. Thanks for stopping by!

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