French Capsule Challenge Wrap Up

July 10, 2014

The French Capsule Challenge Wardrobe on laundry day.

The French Capsule Challenge Wardrobe on laundry day

I’ve just completed The French Capsule Challenge.  As with the prior weeks (week one and week two) I have a few more observations.

Let’s dive right in to the observations.

1.  Sometimes less can be enough

While I grew tired of the colors in my challenge wardrobe, I did not grow tired of the overall numbers in my wardrobe.  I don’t mind repeating pieces and outfit combinations often.  This allows me to enjoy a smaller number of items in my wardrobe.  I’ve probably always worn a small number of my clothes but never realized it because I had so many of them.  When a closet is overstuffed, it is difficult for me to see how much I am wearing.  Not only can I see how much I wear with a smaller wardrobe, but I’m also able to stay on top of laundry, steaming, ironing, and repairing my pieces, because I need them back in the closet quickly so I can sport them again.

I currently do laundry once a week.  Blazers I will sport a few times before dry cleaning.  The same with jeans.  Tops and cardigans that go against my skin, are cleaned after each wear.

2.  More than one capsule is essential for my wardrobe

Unfortunately, it was difficult to only stick to the items in my challenge wardrobe because of work.  I ended up having to dip into my business capsule wardrobe a few times over the course of the challenge due to meetings.  I think this can be an oversight when considering smaller wardrobes.  It can be very easy to get carried away with culling a closet until you are left with a small number, but it has to be the correct number in terms of one’s overall needs.  And those needs are not consistent.  I don’t often sport my business wardrobe, but when those handful of occasions arise during the year, those pieces are essential to own.  Before I created a business capsule wardrobe, I was often spending the night before a meeting in the stores hunting for an outfit to sport the next day.

3.  A workable wardrobe is unnoticeable

I really completed 4 weeks for the challenge and I didn’t realize it until I went back and counted the weeks!  When I spend a morning frustrated with assembling an outfit, I spend the entire day thinking about how to fix it.  Shall I shop for something new?  Should I revisit my closet after work and try out new combinations?  During the challenge, I didn’t give my wardrobe a second thought.  I felt I had plenty of clothes that were easy for me to assemble into a variety of outfits.

What is the least used capsule in your wardrobe?






  1. I have the same problem with my work/casual capsule. My work outfits are very business professional and I have a difficult time balancing that with the casual weekends. It is difficult to have a small, workable wardrobe when I really have to have two separate ones. Have you come up with any solutions for this?

    1. I try to purchase ‘crossover items’ as much as possible. My suit blazers and work heels will nicely dress up a pair of dark wash jeans for a night out with the hubby. And my solid knit tops and t-shirts from weekends work well paired with a blazer/cardigan and trousers/skirt for business days.

      I also try to pay attention to the materials and prints, because those are usually the details that make an item ‘work only’ or ‘weekend only’ wear. And I limit the number of casual items I purchase, because when I was working business settings 5 days a week, that only left me with 2 days of casual wear. That doesn’t give much time to wear casual clothes, especially since I enjoy to repeat items and outfits often. I hope these tips are helpful and thanks for stopping by!

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