Donation Raid (Week 33)

June 22, 2014

That spring/summer wardrobe is looking full.

My spring/summer capsule wardrobe is looking awfully full

Recently I started the French Capsule Challenge, where I aim to wear a small number of colors and clothes. I selected 21 items for 3 weeks.  Since I was trying to create a ‘French or Parisian’ inspired capsule of only 3 (I ended up with 4-white, black, blue and kelly green) colors, I found myself pulling a few pieces from the donate bag, because the items would work well for my French Capsule Challenge wardrobe.

Why am I touching the donate bag?

I am naturally a slow closet purger.  It usually takes me a long time to decide if something should go into the donate pile.  And then I often wait at least a few weeks to ensure that I am done raiding the donate bag.  Sometimes I don’t realize an item will work until after I’ve taken yet another look into my working closet.  And that’s usually when I end up swapping items.

I added a total of 10 items to my working closet for the French Capsule Challenge wardrobe.  Interestingly, all of these items were tops or toppers.


Four items from the donate bag.

Four items from the donate bag.

4 items were from the donate bag.  I originally was going to donate these items because I’m not a fan of sleeveless tops and the rest of these pieces make my wardrobe look rather dark.  However, these pieces work very well in my French Capsule Challenge wardrobe.

Four items from the boutique.

Four items from the boutique.

4 items were from the boutique (only 1 of the 5 tops is still in the boutique (second photo in this post) for spring/summer, the pink flower print top).  These pieces were in the boutique specifically to coordinate with my cobalt jeans, which are in the French Capsule Challenge wardrobe.  An additional two items are not shown, but were pulled from my fall/winter wardrobe (black blazer and black jeans).

The last time I counted the items in my spring/summer wardrobe, my total was 49.  In addition to my French Capsule Challenge items, I’ve also added 1 t-shirt for gear use, and 1 workout outfit (top and bottom).  This brings the total for my additions to 13, leaving me with a new spring/summer wardrobe total of 62, yikes!  By adding 13 additional items, I’ve increased the size of my wardrobe by 26.5%.

Starting week 33, I have 62  items for my spring/summer capsule wardrobe:

  • 9 bottoms (1 jean from fall/winter wardrobe)
  • 1 hoodies (no change)
  • 14 toppers (this includes: pullover sweaters, blazers and cardigans; added 1 cardigan from the boutique and 1 blazer from fall/winter)
  • 5 knits (3/4 or LS, for layering; added 1 cable knit)
  • 5 gear items (2 jeans and 2 hoodies; added 1 t-shirt)
  • 3 shirts/blouses (added 1 blouse from the donate bag)
  • 13 SS T’s/Tops (added 2 from the boutique, and 2 from the donate bag)
  • 3 tanks (added 1 from the donate bag)
  • 3 scarves (no change)
  • 2 workout gear (top and bottom; added one top and one bottom; not shown in the closet photo)
  • 4 dresses (no change)

Have you ever raided your donate bag(s)?


  1. Yes. I rescued some jewelry (twice!) from the donate pile this year. Usually clothing goes, though, once I decide I’m over it. If it gets rescued, it’s often just to be used in demoted fashion, as lounge around the house wear. I find when I try to start re wearing things I’m over, they just aren’t up to snuff anymore and my urge to toss them was right.

    1. Very interesting observation, that your rescued clothing just doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been sporting my capsule clothing for a little over a week now and I already realize that it’s got more high contrast than I think I like, at least right now. If I didn’t have the French Capsule Challenge, I probably would have let these pieces go and I can see me letting them go (again) once the challenge is over.

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