Sweaty Feet In The Heat

June 20, 2014

Summer Soles in Tan Suede

Summer Soles in Tan Suede

The warm weather is officially in my area (it was over 90F the past two days) so it seems like a good time for me to talk about my solution to sweaty, slipping feet in shoes and sandals for spring/summer.  I mentioned my solution to a co-worker recently and she liked it so much I thought I would talk about them here on the blog too.

I am not a feet gal.  I do not get pedicures weekly, only monthly during the summer months.  And I don’t enjoy wearing sandals or shoes without a sock.  My feet sweat and slip and slide in shoes when I go sockless.  The higher the heel, the farther forward my foot slips inside the shoe.  I’ve tried foot peds, powders, foot sprays, as well as heel inserts, to hold my feet in place, but nothing really helps.  In the winter months I wear wool socks (Smartwool is my favorite brand), but sooner or later, it becomes warm enough that I just cannot stuff my feet into socks and boots anymore and I have to start wearing sandals or shoes without socks.

I stumbled across Summersoles a few years ago and they have been my go to insert for my spring/summer shoes.  I usually replace them at least once over the course of the season and I like the suede insert in the tan color best because all my shoes are light colored inside.  My feet still sweat, but the Summersoles in suede have helped to absorb the moisture and prevent slippage.  I even used these for my wedding shoes.

If you have additional sweaty feet tips or a favorite product you are using for this issue, please share them in the comments section.

This post is not sponsored. 

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