The French Capsule Challenge

June 12, 2014

Capsule wardrobe

My wardrobe for the French Capsule Challenge

In my last post I mentioned I’m very tempted to shop right now.  The stores still carry a nice assortment of summer items and I have a few months left until our summer season is over.  For the next month our weather should stay fairly consistent in temperature, so this is the perfect opportunity to ‘play’ with my wardrobe.  I adore the concept of a “French or Parisian” inspired wardrobe (few items, few colors, wear everything often) and this is a great opportunity to test the idea.

For the next 3 weeks I’m going to test out a smaller sized working closet by using a small number of items and less colors.

Since my current spring/summer closet looks a bit out of harmony (lots of colors) I was inspired by numerous posts about “Parisian or French Chic wardrobes” to use fewer colors for an outfit.

I wanted to select 3 colors: white, black, and blue for clothing items.  However, I do not have a cobalt blue blazer, so I added in my next brightest colored blazer, which is kelly green.  This leaves me with 4 colors for clothing items, although the bulk of the items are still white, black and blue.  I’m not giving up on The DH Closet Challenge, but I thought it would be fun to do a three week capsule experiment.

Three weeks, 21 items, here is the list:

5 Bottoms

  • White Straight Leg Jeans (already in the working closet for spring/summer)
  • White Bootcut Jeans (already in the working closet for spring/summer)
  • Black Skinny Jeans (already in the working closet from fall/winter)
  • Blue Bootcut Jeans (already in the working closet for spring/summer)
  • Cobalt Straight Leg Jeans (already in the working closet for spring/summer)

4 Toppers

  • Black Blazer (already in the working closet from fall/winter)
  • Black Cardigan (from the boutique)
  • White Jacket (already in the working closet for spring/summer)
  • Green Blazer (already in the working closet for spring/summer)

8 Tops

  • Black T-Shirt (from the donate pile)
  • White/Black Flower Print Top (from the boutique)
  • Black/White Abstract Print Top (from the boutique)
  • White Cable Knit Top (from the boutique)
  • White/Dot Print Shirt (already in the working closet for spring/summer)
  • Black Bow Blouse (from the donate pile)
  • Flower Print Tank (from the donate pile)
  • Black ‘NJ Devils’ Print T-Shirt (from the donate pile)

1 Dress

Capsule shoes

French Capsule Challenge Wardrobe-Shoes

3 Shoes

  • Black Flip Flops
  • Black Buckle Flats
  • Grey Wedges

I’ll still be using a handful of gear items, which are not included in the above total.  The 21 items for three weeks, will apply to both work and weekend wear.  My current job is casual enough that I can sport the same outfits for work days and weekend days.  I often use capsule wardrobes when I travel and that always works well.  But that is usually for only 1 week at a time.  It will be interesting to see how I feel going for longer than 1 week.

Update on November 29, 2017 :

Have you ever tried a minimal or capsule wardrobe before?





  1. Ha! Funny, this is how I’m dressing without even consciously trying lately. I bet if I put my mind to it, I could easily do this. I might need to add olive, though. Yes – black, white, berry and olive would be easy with my closet. Wonder if I’d get bored? It’s one thing to accidentally gravitate toward less, another to impose it upon myself. I get antsy when I force myself into little boxes! Let us know how it goes!

    1. Mo, I adore berry colors on you! And olive sounds great paired with berry. I’m always trying to compose capsule wardrobes so I figured why not try one out based on colors for a mix up. We shall see what happens.

    1. Thanks for the link Lynn! I have a very small special occasion capsule (one formal dress for weddings and two suits) and try to cross over the suits into other capsules such as business wear. These were the easiest capsules for me to put together and they work very well. Trying to create a capsule with my day-to-day wardrobe has been quite a challenge so far.

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