Early Summer (Week 31)

June 8, 2014

Trying not to bring anymore of these home right now.

Trying not to bring anymore of these home right now.

In recent weeks, I have assembled my spring/summer capsule wardrobe, the leftover items have been purged, and a few pieces are ‘on hold’ to add in as the season progresses.  This leaves my spring/summer wardrobe set (or at least it should be) for the rest of the season.

I easily have another 3-4 months of warm weather to come.  And the stores are still carrying stock for summer, for another month or maybe even two.  So of course I see plenty of things I want to purchase.  But I’ve been trying for so long (and so hard) to purge my closet this past year, I don’t want to loose the momentum now.

Here are a few tips I’m trying out to keep myself on track and not shop for the rest of the season.

  1. I remind myself that I can do a bigger overhaul of my wardrobe next year, if I purchase less items this year.
  2. Every time I see an item I want but I cannot think of what it will replace, I put it back.
  3. I try to remix my current pieces into a new outfit combinations.
  4. I recall the goal of The DH Closet Challenge (reduce the size of my wardrobe so that I am using more of what I own, more often).
  5. I’m breaking up not shopping into smaller chunks and publicly declared to not shop for one month (I can add another month after the first month is over, baby steps).
  6. Participate in wardrobe challenges (I’ll cover my new challenge in my next post, don’t worry I’m still also doing The DH Closet Challenge).

Do you have any tips to share to keep from shopping for a given season?


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