Summer Was Looking Rather Dark

June 5, 2014

A sample of the summer items I purged.

A sample of the summer items I donated.

Reviewing why items are no longer working in a wardrobe can be very helpful.  If I can identify any patterns, it gives me a chance to ‘nip the problem in the bud’ before I repeat the same mistake again.  Above is a sample of the clothes that are for donation from my spring/summer closet purge.

I observed 3 features about these items:

1. Lots of black, white and blue.

I adore these colors, but almost everything I am donating is only these three colors.  Clearly I do not need any more black, white or blue in my spring/summer wardrobe right now.

2. Tops with no sleeves.

I’m not a fan of showing my upper arms and I am lazy and do not want to have to wash my cardigans and blazers after each use.  This makes tops with no sleeves a ‘no-no’ for my wardrobe.

3. Very few prints.

Close to half of my current spring/summer capsule wardrobe is full of prints.  I find prints easier in the summer, because the print is the accessory to me.  This means I do not have to add any jewelry, scarves, or other accessories to ‘complete’ my outfit.  If I desire something new for spring/summer, I should keep in mind my current preference for prints.

Five items left in the boutique for spring/summer.

Five items left in the boutique for summer.

Out of the items I removed, I kept 5 in the boutique for summer.  Once again they are mostly neutral colors.  Reviewing why I am keeping these items in the boutique:

  1. White Cable Knit-This was a workhorse piece last summer, as the three-quarter sleeves worked well in a/c settings.
  2. Black Cardigan-Another workhorse from last year, it was the only summer weight cardigan left in the boutique.
  3. Black and White Printed Tops X2-Both tops pair well with my cobalt jeans, which is one of the few non denim blue bottoms in my summer wardrobe.  These jeans do not have many tops to pair with them in my current working wardrobe so I may add these from the boutique soon.
  4. Pink Printed Top-One of the last printed items from the purge pile, unlike the printed top in the photo at the top of this post, this one has sleeves.

What have you learned from items recently donated?


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