Spring/Summer Forecast

May 29, 2014

The boutique after the purge.

The boutique after a few more donations.

After my second major purge of the boutique since starting The DH Closet Challenge, I’m going to check-in on the status of my wardrobe with some number crunching.  The boutique after my 3 month purge was here (second photo in the post).

At the end of the fall/winter season I had 134 items left in the boutique.  Currently in my spring/summer wardrobe I have 49 items.  I added 36 items from the boutique and the remaining 13 items were new purchases.  This leaves me with 98 items still in the boutique after almost 7 months since starting the challenge.

Out of these 98 items left in the boutique, only 34, or 34.7%, were spring/summer specific.  I purged 29 of them and kept 5, or 14.7% in the boutique.  This leaves me with 64 items in the boutique for fall/winter (and a straggler 5 items for spring/summer).  Since I ended the fall/winter season with 54 items, and I’ve added 49 items to my working closet for spring/summer, I’m up to a current working closet size of 103 items.  With 69 items left in the boutique I once again have enough items in the boutique to replace ~70% of my wardrobe.

It looks like I still have a long way to go to achieve a minimal wardrobe full of items that I use daily.

How much of your wardrobe is ‘on hold’ or in a ’boutique?’


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