Second Purge of the Boutique (Week 29)

May 26, 2014

Two more bags to donate.

Two more bags to donate.

I questioned during month 5, why is the boutique still in business? After shopping for an upcoming trip, I figured right after the purchase of new items would be the perfect time for my second edit of the boutique since starting The DH Closet Challenge.  The first purge was at the 3 month mark.

If I keep purchasing and NOT removing, I’m never going to get rid of the boutique and own a small, functional wardrobe which is my end goal.  This means something has to give and that something, is my wardrobe.

After adding 13 new purchases (I excluded the shoes and the handbag from the total) from vacation shopping, I decided to be bold and donate everything in the boutique for spring that has not been worn yet.  At this point I am more than halfway through our spring season and if I have not worn it by now, I’m not going to wear it this year.

That means these items are going to sit in the boutique for yet another 9 months, until spring rolls around again.  It would be more fun to purchase replacements for the items that need replacing next spring, when everything in the stores is ‘new’ instead of staring at the boutique of bags for yet another 9 months while I wait for spring to come around again.

Also, my recent holiday was for 8 days in warm weather, which means I have plenty of casual clothing for summer.  With this in mind, I also purged the bulk of my summer items (I left 5 summer tops/shirts to add in from the boutique just in case my original guess of 54 items for spring/summer is correct).  I do laundry weekly and in my daily life I am often in a/c in the summer months.  Therefore, any items that did not make it for a recent week long vacation in warm weather, are probably not going to be used when the warm weather hits my area either.

Unlike past editing sessions, this one only focused solely on the boutique and did not include items in my working closet.  The boutique still has plenty of items in it, but at least two seasons, well close to 2 anyway, are no longer stored in there.  I’ll do some number crunching and show the new boutique in my next post.

Do you edit at the beginning or the end of the season?


  1. Where I live it is warm for 3 months and the winter clothes cover the rest.
    When I change over clothes I check for fit and only purge those that wont be worn.
    I’ll purge during the season if I know something is wrong and not been worn.
    When I change over clothes at the end of the season all unworn items go.
    I’ve been doing this for a while now so am quite happy with my wardrobe. It can still use some refining but I’m getting there.

    1. Purging unworn items at the end of the season is a great strategy Claire. I’ve tried this in the past and I need to remember to do this again after our spring/summer season ends. Thanks for sharing!

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