How a Vacation Affected My Wardrobe (Week 28)

May 18, 2014

Looking rather full now.

That working closet is looking rather full.

Reflections for Week 28 (7 months!)

I haven’t done a closet check-in since week 22, it’s time to get back on track before things get out of control.

In addition to growing the size of my wardrobe considerably due to vacation shopping (13 new items after subtracting handbags and footwear which are not in my check-in numbers, discussed here), I also increased my “gear” activities, which meant an increase in gear items (in this case horseback riding went from 1 to 3 days a week now that the nicer weather is here).

Visiting this guy more often.

Visiting this guy more often.

And, my recent holiday trip was to a beach location, causing me to add summer items to my spring/summer capsule wardrobe months before the summer weather is in my area.

I’ve added 24 items for the spring/summer capsule wardrobe since the last check in.

Running the numbers:

With so many new additions I decided to do some number crunching.  In only 6 short weeks, I increased my spring/summer wardrobe by 24 items, almost doubling the size of my spring/summer wardrobe, and a 96% increase!  If my projection for the size of my spring/summer wardrobe is correct (and similar to the final tally of my fall/winter wardrobe) this leaves me room for only 5  items to add for the rest of spring/summer, less than 10% of additional growth, and I am still in our spring season (and corresponding cool and rainy weather) for my area.

Starting week 28, I have 49  items for spring/summer capsule wardrobe:

  • 8 bottoms (added 2 shorts and 1 yellow trouser, all new purchases)
  • 1 hoodies (added 1 from the boutique)
  • 12 toppers (this includes: pullover sweaters, blazers and cardigans; added striped knit blazer and grey pullover moto, both new purchases)
  • 4 knits (3/4 or LS, for layering; no change)
  • 4 gear items (added 2 jeans and 2 hoodies, 1 jean was a new purchase and the remaining 3 items from the boutique)
  • 2 shirts (added one polka dot print and one gingham print shirt from the boutique)
  • 9 SS T’s/Tops (added 5 from the boutique, and 2 solid t-shirts from new purchases)
  • 2 tanks (added one tank that was purchased)
  • 3 scarves (no change)
  • 0 workout outfits (top and bottom; no change)
  • 4 dresses (new category!)

Do you increase your outdoor activities during spring and summer?


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