Focus on the Shoes

May 15, 2014


Shoe Wardrobe: Boots

Shoe capsule wardrobe: Boots


Shoe Wardrobe: Shoes

Shoe Wardrobe: Shoes

One category that I have not focused on for The DH Closet Challenge, is my shoes.  A few years ago I had foot surgery and ended up having to rebuild my shoe wardrobe—from scratch.  Going from 40-50 pairs of shoes to zero pairs of shoes was a real eye opener, and the long recovery period forced me to slowly rebuild over time.  After all, when you are wearing a surgical boot and can barely walk, it’s hard to shop for shoes!

However, recent shopping gave me an opportunity to focus on my shoe capsule wardrobe.  And following in Debbie’s footsteps, I’m going to recap why shoes entered and left my wardrobe.

What I started with:

I started The DH Closet Challenge with 16 pairs of footwear.

  • Boots: 8, three tall, two midcalf, 3 short
  • Formal Shoe: 1 black wedge
  • Business capsule shoes: 2, black wedge and black pump
  • Casual capsule: 4, black buckle loafers, grey boatshoe, black wedge sneaker, gold wedge sneaker
  • Summer capsule: 1, black leather flip flop

(I own an additional 3 pairs of footwear that are not shown or included in my totals; 2 gear for horseback riding, and 1 gear for running and working out.  All 3 pairs are too dirty to bring into the house and are not worn for non-gear use.)

What I purchased:

New Footwear since starting the challenge.

That’s a lot of new footwear since starting The DH Closet Challenge!

Overall, I’ve been trying to stay away from adding black footwear.  I do adore neutral colored footwear, but Bridgette Raes post here really inspired me to try non-black footwear to lighten up and jazz up my outfits.

I purchased 10 items since starting The DH Closet Challenge and I’ve already donated 3 of these. Starting from left to right:

  1. The first four (brown sandal [Franco Sarto], neutral sandal [Clarks], grey wedge [Cole Haan], neutral flat [Rockport]) were already discussed halfway down this post here, so I will not bore you with a repeat.  The bottom line is, each was purchased to coordinate with new purchases.
  2. Navy Cap Toe Flats (Ann Taylor): A new style of shoe, I like how the pointy toe extends the leg line.  It’s taken me a long time to find a point toe that works with my feet.
  3. Yellow Flats (Earth Origins): A mistake purchase.  I should have returned these when I realized they were not comfortable, but I waited too long and missed the window to return. Purged.
  4. Turquoise Flats (Faded Glory): An impulse purchase. I was shopping for something else and the bright color caught my eye.  But they have no padding at all, and even with an insert, are just not comfortable to wear. Purged.
  5. Black Flip Flops (OP/Walmart): A mistake purchase.  I did not try these on in the store, I figured a flip flop is a flip flop right? Wrong! I wore these once and the straps are too tight.  Purged.
  6. Brown Short Boots (Rockport): I noticed I kept reaching for brown short boots during fall and winter, but didn’t have any.  Midway through the winter I purchased these.  They have already become workhorses.
  7. Black Short Boots (Abeo): An upcoming business meeting requiring my pantsuit, drove me to the stores for suitable footwear. They have only been worn 1 time since purchasing, but have become part of my business capsule, which is not used daily.

What I removed:

What I purged, some of these are brand new!

What I removed, some of these were brand new-ouch!

In addition to the first 3 shoes (yellow flat, turquoise flat, black flip flop) discussed above, I purged 3 additional shoes that were not recent purchases.

  1. Black Pumps (Ann Taylor): These were part of my business capsule and were specifically for pantsuits and dresses.  I wore them once and realized they were too big.  My heel flops out and my toes squish in the front. I tried heel grips and shoe inserts to help, but it didn’t work out.  These were replaced with my Black Short Boots discussed above (#7).
  2. Black Wedge Sneakers (Aerosoles): Purchased a few months before I started the challenge, these have a comfy footbed, but aggravated the nerve in my foot due to the height of the wedge, which was really frustrating. Purged.
  3. Gold Wedge Sneakers (Steve Madden):  Purchased a few months before I started the challenge, the wedge is again too high and aggravated a nerve in my foot. Also these don’t have much padding for the footbed. Purged.

My new shoe capsule wardrobe and running the numbers:

Shoe Wardrobe: Final Boots

Shoe capsule wardrobe: Final Boots


Shoe Wardrobe: Final Shoes

Shoe capsule wardrobe: Final Shoes

I started with 16 items and purchased 10 to date, increasing my shoe wardrobe by 62.5%.  However, subtracting a few poor purchases and the purging of additional shoes, leaves me with an increase of only 7 shoes, 43.8% for my shoe wardrobe.  My final tally is currently 20 shoes, yikes!  This is not minimal at all, however, with this size shoe wardrobe I do feel that I am well covered for all occasions and all seasons.

Is your shoe capsule wardrobe large or small?


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