Five Favorite Tips for Packing

May 13, 2014

I don't leave home without these.

I don’t travel without these in my bag.

It’s the start of travel season in the US and I recently discussed what I packed for both a longer and a shorter holiday.  These are a few packing tips I’ve gathered over time, focusing on plane travel, when one wants to pack as little as possible due to checked luggage fees.  And for even more great packing tips, check out Debbie’s tips over at Recovering Shopaholic!

Now onto my 5 favorite tips for when I pack:

  1. Keep one outfit in the carry-on bag.  This allows me to go one day with a new outfit, just in case my checked bag does not arrive at my final destination at the same time that I do.
  2. Wear the largest, bulkiest items on the plane.  Often this is a sweater or jacket/blazer and sneakers or boots.  Wearing instead of packing these items allows me to put more, less bulky items in my bag without giving up traveling with my warmest pieces.
  3. Include evening outfits you can repeat throughout the trip.  I don’t usually sweat at dinner, and dinner is typically only a couple of hours long, making the clothes in this capsule easy to rewear before needing to be washed.  Having less dinner outfits let’s me wear more variety during the daytime, which is the time when I am most prone to taking photos.
  4. Versatile shoes.  Footwear that can be worn for both day and evening helps reduce the number of shoes (usually a bulky item to pack).  Often this means I pack a lower heel for the evening outfits than I may prefer if I were at home, but the lower heel let’s me walk for long stretches of time for the daytime.  Wedges are a very versatile shoe and can be dressed up or down.  Also ballet flats look just as good with shorts and a fun t-shirt, as they do with a cropped skinny jeans and a statement blouse.  My favorite footwear number to travel with is three.  One on the plane and two in the bag.  This way, if one pair of shoes causes a blister or gets wet, I have two other options.  And speaking of blisters, Band Aid Advanced Healing Blister is wonderful for blisters (photo at the top of the post).  They stay on even during a shower or extensive swimming in an ocean, sea, lake or pool.  I have learned to always pack some of these.
  5. Dresses, especially one’s with a polyester blend.  A dress is an entire outfit with one piece of clothing and polyester blends can be scrunched into a ball without wrinkles.  They are also not very bulky in size.  For my recent longer trip, 3 of my 4 dresses were a polyester blend.

Do you have any favorite tips for packing?

This post is not sponsored.  The links provided do not generate any commission for me.  I do not currently participate in any affiliate/commission services.  The opinions are all mine.  I just wanted to share a favorite product.


  1. Dresses- great tip. So many posts focus on combining separates, but dresses are so simple, versatile,often pack smaller, and often transition better from day to evening. My dress tip for when you have no opportunity for a complete change between a casual day and smart evening is to wear a light skirt over a smarter dress during the day, then remove it to your handbag for the evening.

  2. Some of my favorite packing tips are the same as yours. Especially the band aides. I suppose what has served me best is to let go of expectations, repeat outfits, over and over as you have mentioned and not worry about clothing and have a good time. Good post on a topic I feel passionate about.

    1. Letting go of expectations is a great point Terra. I started doing this with traveling and after seeing how well it worked now I’m working on reducing my day to day wardrobe so that I am worry free at home too. Thanks for stopping by!

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