Packing for a Shorter Trip (Week 27)

May 11, 2014

Outfit for the car ride.

My outfit for the car.

In this post, I talked about packing for a long trip to a beachy location (St. Lucia) by airplane.  I picked up a number of purchases for that trip discussed here.  The travel bug has bitten and I also had a short trip recently (Atlantic City, NJ), with different weather.  Here is what I packed for a recent 3 day, two night trip by car, in mild weather (60F daytime, 50F nighttime).  Activities included lots of walking during the day and dinner, paired with a movie or a show at night.

What I wore for the car ride (photo above):

Day one: 5 items for arrival (jacket, sweater, tank top, jeans, and boots)

Since we were traveling by car, DH and I shared one large suitcase. It’s the same large suitcase from this post.

This is what I packed and the outfits are discussed:

In the suitcase.

What’s in my suitcase.

  • Day one: dinner outfit (I repeated for 2 nights) (blazer, dress, I wore the same tank top I used during the day, wedge ballet flats)
  • Day two: daytime outfit (mostly walking) (repeat the jacket from the car, striped long-sleeve t-shirt, jeans, repeat the boots from the car)
  • Day two: dinner outfit (repeat of the first night, I just swapped the tank to the one that will be worn on departure day)
  • Day three: departure again by car (jacket from the car, sweater, tank top from dinner, jeans from the car, boots from the car)
  • I used one handbag (not shown) for the entire trip.
  • I also packed undergarments, sleepwear and toiletries (not shown).

Do you reuse items for a short trip?


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