The Boutique: When a Hurricane Strikes

I started The DH Closet Challenge in November of 2013 therefore I’ll be catching up on my progress to date in a series of posts.)

December 17, 2013

Due to a disaster with the boutique, which I have called “the hurricane,” this will be a two part update.  This is Part II, what I did when disaster struck during The DH Closet Challenge.


Throwing items into the working closet in a hurry.

Throwing items into the working closet in a hurry.

The boutique's new location, inside my working closet.

The boutique’s new location, inside my working closet.

Hurricane in the boutique.

The boutique had a major problem during week 6. In the closet where I was storing my items, the shelf fell. Apparently the weight of all the clothes hanging from the shelf plus the weight from all of the clothes folded on top of it, was too much and it ripped the supports right out of the wall. DH was NOT happy. Unfortunately this just supports his thinking that I own too many clothes.  And when you start destroying closets from the volume of your clothes, well, it’s tough to argue that one.

Photo 1-Everything thrown onto the floor and onto one rod in the working closet, because the hurricane happened in the middle of the night and there was no time to fix the problem before going to work the next day.

Photo 2-The relocated/organized boutique which is now sitting inside my working closet. Not ideal but it will have to do. I organized everything by categories, so that when I ‘shop’ I can just grab the appropriate bag. One reason why the “boutique” was working so well, was because I could not see the clothes everyday. So I maintained this concept by putting everything in opaque bags with labels and covering the tops with tissue paper. I also created a list of everything in the bags, this way I am not tearing everything apart if I realize I want to add a specific item.

I preferred when the boutique was set up in a separate closet, but sometimes a gal has gotta do what a gal has gotta do right? 🙂

Have you ever owned so much clothing that you ended up damaging your closet?


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