It’s Not Wardrobe Size, It’s Wardrobe Color (Week 8)

(I started The DH Closet Challenge in November of 2013 therefore I’ll be catching up on my progress to date in a series of posts.)

December 29, 2013

I’m at the two month mark on The DH Closet Challenge and the observations keep on coming:

  • I’m not bored with my current wardrobe size:  One of the most important questions after almost two months of doing this challenge is, am I bored with my smaller wardrobe? After all I have at least double, it not more, items in the “boutique” that fit the current weather/season and I am not wearing them. A few of these pieces I am looking forward to sporting next year as a refresh for my cool/cold weather wardrobe. But so far, I’m not bored with my choices as far as the numbers go. I actually feel I have one too many bottoms (I still seem to sport 5 a week even though I have 6 to pick from right now) and I have plenty of toppers to pick from.
  • I’m a little bored with my current wardrobe colors:  The bulk of my working closet is very dark, a lot of dark shades for toppers and layering tops and all the bottoms are dark too. And when I look at items in the boutique again I see a lot of dark colors both for toppers and bottoms. This is something I need to keep in mind when I itch to shop at a store, look at the lighter colors for a change because I have plenty of dark one’s to pick from at home.

If I had not taken a break from shopping and taken a step back to see what I really own and wear, I am not certain I would have ever even realized that I own an abundance of dark items and am growing bored with them. And this could be one reason why I’ll start to browse a store or online, looking to freshen things up. Usually when I look at new items, the first thing I do is look at darker colors thinking “well I have a bunch and they go with everything” and while this is true, now I also realize “I have a lot of dark colors and don’t need any more dark colored items.”

No change in items from week 7 to week 8, but here’s the rundown of what I have to date anyway.

At the end of week 8, I had 54 items in my fall/winter capsule wardrobe:

  • 6 bottoms (no change)
  • 2 hoodies (no change)
  • 11 toppers (this includes: pullover sweaters, blazers and cardigans; no
  • 10 knits (no change)
  • 3 gear items (no change)
  • 1 shirt (for layering; no change)
  • 3 LS T’s (for layering; no change)
  • 4 tanks (for layering; no change)
  • 5 thermal layers (no change)
  • 5 scarves (no change)
  • 2 workout outfits (top and bottom; no change)

What feature about your wardrobe is boring to you?


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