Wanting More (Week 2)

(I started The DH Closet Challenge in November of 2013 therefore I’ll be catching up on my progress to date in a series of posts.)

November 17, 2013

Stats are listed first, observations are listed second.

The working closet after week 2.

The fall/winter capsule wardrobe after week 2

Week 2 additions:

  • 0 bottoms
  • 0 hoodie
  • 2 toppers (denim jacket and chunky cable knit turtleneck sweater)
  • 3 knits (zebra print, black, pink turtleneck-gear for riding)
  • 0 shirts
  • 0 LS T’s
  • 1 tank
  • 1 Thermal layer (Cuddle duds)
  • 1 scarf
  • 0 workout outfits (top and bottom)

Observations for Week 2:

  • I want to add more:  Technically now that I’ve passed week 2, I shouldn’t need any more clothes. I doubt that I will be able to keep from adding more items though. I only have two of my heaviest sweaters in the current closet and I know more very cold days are coming. Until then I’m trying to see how many layers I can do before I have to grab a heavier weight item. I also anticipate pulling in more of my jackets and blazers as a topper for layering.
  • More items are harder to track:  Keeping track of tops gets harder as you add more. I’ve started a rotation to help me keep track. Tops worn the prior week go in the back and I grab a top from the front so that I can rotate through them consistently.
  • Solids are easier to remix:  I’m still trying to wear the same tops every week as much as I can. This is really easy to do with a solid. But I’m not enjoying doing this as much with tops that are printed. Even if I am the only one who notices, I feel like a printed top is more memorable and I don’t want anyone to notice I’m wearing the same top every week. I find solids are easier to mix up because you can vary the look with a scarf or throw a jacket over it, so if I repeat the same solid top every week I don’t think anyone will notice. But if I repeat the same printed top every week I think I’ll become “that girl in the X top.” Instead, I’m trying to wear a printed top to work one week and then repeat it again the next week on the weekend. This way the printed top isn’t worn every week to work.
  • I have lots of unworn bottoms in the “boutique”:  I don’t mind wearing jeans every day, as I own a jean heavy wardrobe anyway. And so far I am comfortable rotating through the same 5 pairs. But I’m starting to feel guilty that I have some pairs of bottoms that are relatively new, fit for my current season, and are not being worn.  My metallic grey skinny jeans were a new purchase prior to the start of the challenge, and are perfect for this time of year. And they are not going to be suitable for the summer months. For now, I’m going to hold off adding them and continuing my rotation of 5 pairs of bottoms to see if it’s boredom already setting in, or guilt about unworn clothes being wasted money.

Does your unworn clothing make you feel guilty?

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