Shopping In The Boutique

(I started The DH Closet Challenge in November of 2013 therefore I’ll be catching up on my progress to date in a series of posts.)

December 3, 2013

The first 'new' pieces from the boutique.

The first “new” pieces added from the boutique.


Now that I had a plan in place, I was ready to shop the boutique.  Here’s what happened.  This is a 3-part post, shopping in action, shopping reflections, and the final stats.

Shopping in Action:

  1. I started off with adding two “outfits” based off of my trendiest pair of jeans (grey metallic skinnies) which were purchased as a wardrobe refresh. These are a statement pair compared to the more subtle bottoms in my closet.
  2. I created two outfits around the jeans. I pulled a sweater/jumper that was purchased specifically for the jeans. Then I added a solid blazer (black) that is a neutral that will coordinate with everything in my closet. I then added my trendiest turtleneck to pair with the jeans and blazer.
  3. By adding these four items, I was able to address the issue of week 2 where I was missing some of my new purchases that fit this time of year. I now have a pair of bottoms that were purchased as a style refresh and are relatively new, fit for the weather of our current season, and were not currently being worn. I originally thought about just adding in the jeans, but they are a metallic grey and do not remix very well with the other items in my working closet. Also, one of the sweaters, was purchased specifically to sport with the jeans, as I liked the entire outfit when I saw it in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog. Then I built a second outfit using items in the boutique that were not new purchases and now I have my two new outfits.
  4. I then added another sweater/jumper that was a new purchase for the season. A white sweater. It has a subtle sheen to it and is white, a nice color to mix up from the darker palette I just created with the grey metallic jeans. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think this sweater will also coordinate with the grey jeans.
  5. Then I reached for two more sweaters/jumpers and a black cardigan to round out my toppers total to 10 items. The remaining two sweaters were favorites last year and the black cardigan I added because I currently own two black cardigans and neither of them were in the working closet yet.
  6. Finally I added a printed scarf that only coordinated with the sweater/jumper I was wearing while I was shopping. Why did I do this? Sometimes when I shop I want to freshen up the outfit I am shopping in, so I added a blue printed scarf.
My ten 'new' items from the boutique.

My ten “new” additions from the boutique.

Shopping Reflections:

  • Even shopping my own “boutique” I had some purchasing and returning!:  At first when I started pulling items from the boutique that caught my eye. This is how I shop in the stores, I always go for what catches my eye first before I consider what I really “need.” When I looked at my original selections along with the items in my working closet some items were not pairing with anything in the closet! Now I have a large wardrobe (if you combine the boutique with the working closet) so usually when I make a purchase if I cannot immediately think of a good pairing I don’t worry about it because I know there is SOMETHING at home that will make it work. And indeed there are other items in the boutique that pair well together. But those items that would not coordinate well with my CURRENT working closet were “returned” back to the boutique.
  • A workhorse piece is sometimes just repetition:  Another habit I have when I shop, is I will see an item that I think is a workhorse piece, and it turns out it’s really not. When I grabbed the black blazer my first reaction was, I should also grab a black turtleneck, a black pullover, and a black cardigan because black remixes with everything in my working closet. However, when I looked at them together with my working closet I realized I had four out of my 10 total toppers, all in black! This is a little too much black for me, especially since I will wear at least two (or maybe three) of these items every week. So I put two of the black pieces back and reached for a color on the opposite spectrum (the white pullover) deliberately to mix up from all the darker colors I had. This probably explains why I have some heavy repeats in the boutique (2 black cardigans, 4 black turtlenecks, 3 grey layering knits, etc).
  • Everything does not have to coordinate with everything in your closet:  I don’t anticipate some of my “new” items remixing well with my working closet. That’s ok as long as every topper and every layering top can be remixed into at least two outfits. Some items I anticipate will remix more than that (grey vneck that I’ve worn every week since I started this challenge I’m looking at you) and that’s ok because I don’t mind a little bit of creating new outfits. I just don’t want to have to always come up with new outfits, nor do I always want to be limited with only the same couple of pairings. Having a small range of flexibility with pieces was my goal.
The working closet after week 4.

The fall/winter capsule wardrobe after week 4

And here are the stats:

Starting week 4, I had 44 items in my fall/winter capsule wardrobe:

6 bottoms
1 hoodie
10 toppers (added 3 sweaters/pullovers, 1 blazer, 1 bomber jacket, 1 cardigan)
6 knits
3 gear items
1 shirt (for layering)
3 LS T’s (for layering-added one LS T in a print [stripes])
4 tanks (for layering)
3 thermal layers
3 scarves
2 workout outfits (top and bottom)

Does everything in your closet coordinate with each other?

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