Planning to Shop the Boutique (Week 4)

(I started The DH Closet Challenge in November of 2013 therefore I’ll be catching up on my progress to date in a series of posts.)

(This is a two part series on how I shopped the boutique during The DH Closet Challenge.)

December 1, 2013

Hot on the heels of a number of observations from week 3, I wanted to test some of my findings during week 4. I had learned that I do not have enough toppers for our cold weather so that was an area I knew I wanted to increase in size. Also during week 2, I realized that I was not happy letting my new purchases that were meant to be wardrobe refreshers sit unworn. Week 4 was about adjusting my wardrobe size and incorporating items I’ve been missing.  I started off by going shopping in the boutique. Before I began, I came up with My Shopping Plan.

My Shopping Plan:

  1. I decided on my best guess of the ideal number of toppers, layering tops and bottoms I need for the current season.
  2. I compared what I had in the working closet, with my best guess.
  3. I came up with a total of 10 toppers, 10 layering tops and 6 bottoms.

Where did I get 10 toppers and tops from? I had only four toppers before I shopped so this is the area I wanted to increase in size the most. I was repeating these four items every week and did not like that level of repetition. I’d rather sport an item every other week to work, although repeating on weekends is ok. Following the idea of Mo’s wardrobe size and my personal repeat/remixing preferences (two items per bottom) I added an additional six toppers.

I had nine layering knits/LS T’s and that seems to be working ok so far so I only added one more.

Where did I get six bottoms from? I know that I prefer to repeat a bottom more
than once a week. I also know that I have some new bottoms meant to be wardrobe refreshers sitting unworn. So I added one new bottom. This still keeps me under seven so I can repeat every week, but now I will only be able to repeat one bottom a week if I want to continue wearing everything every week.

I also wanted to add one thermal top and one scarf. I am assuming as the season progresses I’m going to wear the thermals more often and I enjoy scarves to mix up solid tops.

Do you shop with a plan?


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