Outfit Repetition (Week 3)

(I started The DH Closet Challenge in November of 2013 therefore I’ll be catching up on my progress to date in a series of posts.)

November 24, 2013

Stats are listed first, observations are listed second.

The working closet after week 3.

The fall/winter capsule wardrobe after week 3

My fall/winter capsule wardrobe size after 3 weeks is 34 items:

  • 5 bottoms
  • 1 hoodie
  • 4 toppers (added a tweed blazer this week)
  • 6 knits (added a striped knit this week)
  • 3 gear items (added a sweatshirt this week)
  • 1 shirt (for layering)
  • 2 LS T’s (for layering)
  • 4 tanks (for layering)
  • 2 thermal layers
  • 2 scarves
  • 2 workout outfits (top and bottom)

Reflections for Week 3:

I started week 3 with 31 items. After doing the challenge for 2 weeks, surely this would be enough items going into week 3 right?

Wrong. I ended up adding an additional knit (stripes) and a topper (tweed blazer) right away due to a laundry bottleneck. Then I realized I’ve been sporting the same gear outfit for two weeks straight so I added one more item, a sweatshirt.

  1. It’s harder to save clothes when you have only a small number in rotation:  When my closet was stuffed, I had a habit of reaching for the same handful of items again and again. But now I find it easier to wear everything in my closet more often, which is an important goal for me. I only have 6 knits in my closet right now, so it’s not as easy to save one for later, I have to wear it.
  2. I haven’t given special occasion items a second glance when I visit the “boutique:” Special occasion items (suits for interviews, dresses for weddings, etc) are not typically going to be worn often and I don’t mind if those items sit.
  3. You can remix a lot of outfits from a small number of clothes: I’ve worn some combinations that I would not have thought to create prior to The DH Closet Challenge, especially print mixing. I’ve liked some of them, but not all of them which brings me to a key insight for this week.
  4. I have a low tolerance for remixing individual pieces and a higher tolerance for repeating entire outfits: To keep from boredom I’ve been trying to sport the same items in different combinations and I don’t care for it. I’d rather wear the same combinations again and again and just have a few more combinations to pick from instead. It’s too much thinking when getting dressed trying to remember if I’ve already worn an item in a specific combination or not and how I should combine it with something else for a “new” look. I find capsule challenges interesting because you can find a new favorite combination, but to do so every day is just not for me.

I have a few more reflections from week 3 which I will summarize in my next post.

What’s your repeating tolerance for your outfits?

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