Closet Organization and Wardrobe Size

(I had so many great insights from week 3, I had to split them up into two posts.  These are the rest.)

November 26, 2013

Reflections regarding closet organization

  • Closet organization must tie into your outfit creation process:  I’ve tried my closet organized many ways (all by items of the same colors, all by items of the same type, and right before this challenge, all by prearranged outfits). Before I started The DH Closet Challenge I had spent almost 5 months with my closet organized by outfits. It’s not as peaceful to look at as when it was organized by same color or same type of item, but it made getting dressed really easy. It kept me from over shopping for one type of bottom and leaving another bottom as a wardrobe orphan with no tops/toppers. And I didn’t have to worry about putting together an outfit, I had a collection of them ready to grab and go.

I generally like to pair two tops/toppers per bottom. The bulk of my wardrobe is jeans which I consider an item that is really, really, easy to remix in lots of ways. Yet I’d rather pick the best two or three tops/toppers to pair with them and move on. This probably explains why I own over a dozen pairs of jeans, even though I only have 5 in my current working closet (the rest are in the “boutique.”)

Reflections regarding wardrobe size

  • Mo has a great post that goes into what a potential minimum wardrobe number could be, and if I add in my entire wardrobe, which would mean all the clothes sitting in the “boutique” and my current working closet, I see for some of my categories I am already at or have surpassed that magic number of 12. This could be why I felt overwhelmed by the size of my wardrobe before starting The DH Closet Challenge.  For example, I own a total of about 12 jeans/trousers. But for the challenge, I am only wearing 5 of them. Apparently I don’t mind repeating bottoms every week. Toppers I plan to add a few more as we continue to get colder weather.

How do you organize your closet?


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