The DH Closet Challenge: Why?

October 27, 2013

Before I explain the rules for The DH Closet Challenge, it may be helpful for you to learn more about my preferences first.

Background about me:
1. I’ve been editing my closet for 3 years now and while I am happy I have shrunk the size from over 300 items to about 150 now, I still have many more clothes than I can sport in a given season.
2. I live in a 4 season climate and some clothing items (shorts I’m looking at you) just cannot be sported year round.
3. I am on team always cold and layers are a necessity for me, but layers do mean more clothes to own.
4. I prefer to sport the same combinations again and again, versus heavily remixing outfit combinations.
5. I’m still trying to curb the shopping beast I unleashed at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last summer (July 2013) when I overhauled my fall/winter capsule wardrobe.
6. At that sale I did the “one in/one out” rule but I do not want to purge any more items in good condition. I’d like the next time to be items I’ve truly worn out for once!
7. My darling husband (also known as DH), owns a truly minimal closet, wears out everything before purchasing new, and only owns enough for a small rotation before repeating outfits. I’d like a similar idea, but maybe a few more in number of outfits before I repeat (8 outfits sounds a little low to me).
8. I’ve always tried to wear as many items as possible in a given season, the goal being to sport everything at least twice. But I still have items I wear more or less often than that. If I am wearing some items more often, than maybe I need less clothes overall.

DH has seen me struggle for years with controlling my shopping habits and my wardrobe size.  I would make small strides forward, only to relapse and grow frustrated again.  And out of this frustration The DH Closet Challenge was born.

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