The DH Closet Challenge: Rules

November 3, 2013

empty closet

Start with an empty closet.

Rules for The DH Closet Challenge:
This is a dosage (or threshold) experiment. Add as few items as possible to see what my threshold level is for number of items and level of repeating items.
1. On November 1, 2013 DH and I took all items out of my closet and put them into a spare closet we are calling my “boutique.”
2. Now I add in items to my working closet as I sport them.

Ground Rules:
a. Add in enough clothes to get through the first week, keeping in mind to sport clothing items as often as possible considering our once a week laundry cycle.
b. Continue to add items to build the wardrobe size, without adding in entirely new full outfits.
c. Shop my “boutique” for “new” items.
d. One in/one out items as they wear out.
e. Build new outfits as the season changes with items I already have. Would adding a thermal underlayer let that top stretch into winter? Can I add a blazer for more warmth to a series of tops?
f. Assess how many times I can sport an item before I am bored with it. Have I sported a top 3 times and I’m now already bored with it? Am I comfortable wearing the same blazer 3 times in one week? Do I need 14 individual outfits before I am ready to start the cycle again?

Update on November 17, 2017 :


What’s your favorite wardrobe challenge?


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