Top 10 Must Have’s For A Casual Spring Wardrobe

March 27, 2017

top ten spring wardrobe must have

My top 10 must have’s for a casual spring capsule wardrobe.

What do you do when you want to update your capsule wardrobe but you don’t like any of the latest trends?  Easy.  Ignore them all and make your own!  To help you with assembling your spring wardrobe, here’s my personal list of Top 10 Must Have’s for a Casual Spring Wardrobe, along with the reason why I’ve picked each item.

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5 Hot Trends for Spring 2017

March 20, 2017


It might be snowing in my area but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about spring.  And I’m not alone, I’ve come across multiple trend lists for Spring 2017:

As someone who adores fashion, I’m always interested in learning about the latest trends.  Trend lists are often created based off of 2 sources, what was shown during runway collections and what celebrities are wearing at recent events.  While I find this information interesting, the suggestions are not always practical.  Which begs the question;

How does someone incorporate the trends for Spring 2017 (or any fashion season) into a real life wardrobe, and not a wardrobe designed for runways and promotional events?

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St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

March 17, 2017


Today is St. Patrick’s Day in the US and if you are thinking about dressing for the holiday today you have 2 options; “going all in” or “a gentle touch.”  The 2 outfits on the top are examples of “going all in.”  The first outfit is the ultimate example of “going all in” when dressing for a holiday because it’s a costume!  The fun top in outfit #2 is another strong nod to the holiday.  The 2 outfits on the bottom are examples of “a gentle touch.”  Both outfits have colors that align to the holiday, without the bold patterns and prints of the first 2 options.

How do you pick which outfit to wear?

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Spend or Save – Black Wrap Dress

March 13, 2017


Spend: Chain Handle Bag | Wrap Dress | Sneakers

Save: Chain Handle Bag | Wrap Dress | Sneakers

Over at the blog, Angie wrote about her recent trip to the Netherlands and the fashion trend that she saw most often—chain handle shoulder bag and sneakers.  As a long time fan of pairing blazers with jeans, I always adore the idea of mixing dressy items with something more casual.  And I can’t think of anything more fun than pairing one of the ultimate classics—black wrap dress—with a chain handle shoulder bag and sneakers for an up-to-date look.

If you’re interested in this look for your spring capsule wardrobe I’ve presented 2 options, spend or save. The 2 price points are very different, the spend outfit is $788 and the save outfit is $209.93.

How do you pick whether to spend or save? 

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Updating A Business Capsule Wardrobe

March 6, 2017


Five new additions to my Business Capsule Wardrobe.

Striped Cardigan | Ivory Sleeveless Blouse

Cobalt Pants | Burgundy Blouse (similar) | Black Lace Up Flats (similar)

While I was shopping for my Spring and Summer capsule wardrobe I found an opportunity to update my Business Capsule wardrobe too.  When I wrote my shopping list (in this post) I had 4 items I wanted to add to my Business Capsule wardrobe (1 new outfit consisting of three pieces and 1 blouse to pair with my current trousers).  I came close to this goal and added the 5 items at the top of this post.

Here’s what I bought and why:

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Spring And Summer Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 3)

(This is part three of a three-part series.  For part one, click here and for part two, click here.  This will be a long and photo heavy post.)

February 27, 2017


9 new additions to the spring capsule wardrobe

Camo Hoodie | Boyfriend Shirt | Turtleneck Tunic (similar)

Ivory Blouse | Ivory Knit (similar) | Olive Knit (similar)

Blue Short Bootcut Jeans |Black Straight Ankle Jeans | Brown Flat Shoes

In the last couple of posts I’ve been working on updating my Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  It’s time for Part Three, where I’ll review what I purchased and how I am planning to wear some of the new things I’ve added to my Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobe.

Part Three: Purchase Review and Wardrobe Planning.

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Spring And Summer Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 2)

(This is part two of a three-part series.  For part one, click here.)

February 20, 2017


I’m almost ready to start getting some of these!

In my last post I began prepping my spring and summer capsule wardrobes.  Now that I’ve organized what I already own for these two capsule wardrobes, it’s time for me to think about what I am going to go out and buy.

Part Two-Write my shopping list.

Before I can shop, first I have to create a list.  I prepared my shopping list with these 3 steps:

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Spring And Summer Capsule Wardrobe Prep (Part 1)

February 13, 2017


With the arrival of spring merchandise in the stores, I really want to go shopping.  But before I do I’m going to prep my wardrobe for the arrival of new additions by following the 5-steps outlined above.  This process will be a 3-part series:

  1. Part One I’ll review, edit, and shop my closet for my Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobes.
  2. Part Two I’ll write my shopping list and go shopping for my Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobes.
  3. Part Three I’ll review what I purchased and how I am planning to wear some of the new things I’ve added to my Spring and Summer Capsule Wardrobes.

Now onto the fun!

Part One-Review, Edit, and Shop My Closet

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No Shopping For One Month

February 6, 2017

I flipped over the paper calendar in my kitchen the other day to discover something unexpected had occurred during the entire month of January–I never went shopping for clothes.  That’s right.  January has just come and gone, and I never ordered anything online, nor did I pick up something from the brick and mortar stores.

How did this happen?

Three reasons immediately sprang to mind:

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