Post-Holiday Workout

January 9, 2017

At the beginning of every new year companies flood the marketplace with advertisements on—diet plans, nutrition plans, exercise videos, gym memberships, etc.  Regardless of how, the end goal is the same, to help someone reach their weight loss goals.

Well I say this year, why not turn that focus onto your wardrobe too.

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New Year, New Questions

January 2, 2017

One of the best things about the start of a new year, is that it provides the opportunity to shake things up a little.  To kick off 2017, I was inspired by this post from Bridgette Raes, where Bridgette asked 10 questions to help ensure that your style and goals are aligned.

I’ve picked my favorite 4 questions and provided my answers:

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Sleep During The Holiday’s

December 19, 2016


Haflinger Slippers are on my Christmas list.

The holiday’s are approaching fast.  I only update my lounge/sleep capsule once a year.  Previously I did this during the fall season, but this year I’m updating my lounge capsule for the holiday’s instead.  The holiday’s are the time of year when I’m traveling and staying with relatives and/or entertaining guests at my home, which places my lounge/sleep capsule on display.  This means that it’s the perfect time to update this wardrobe capsule.

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Holiday On Repeat

December 5, 2016

The same outfits as last year.

The same outfits as last year.

The month of December is usually the time of year when I have the most opportunities to dress up.  Work parties, family parties, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, from now until the end of the year I’m attending at least one (sometimes more) events every week.  As a ex-shopaholic, the itch to run out to the stores to buy something new is highest at this time of year.  After all, how often do I get a chance to shop for something dressy?  Not very often.

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No Longer Special

November 27, 2016

The holiday’s are approaching fast bringing with it one of my favorite things about this time of year, the opportunity to get dressed up.  My special occasion capsule is one of my least used capsules in my wardrobe.  In fact, it’s used so little, I’m purging it!

Why on earth would someone do this right before the holiday’s arrive?

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Just Like New

September 25, 2016


My 6 year old steamer.

One of the things that I adore about new clothes, is the new clothes look and feel.  The colors are bright, the materials are not pilled (or stained, or torn), and there are no wrinkles!  After I wash something, it is just never the same as when it was purchased new.  And sometimes, that desire for something new, spurs me to want to shop.  Until I discovered steaming my clothes.

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